Imagining a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect is something kind of mind boggling to most people. However in my personal opinion, I think it would be absolutely wonderful. I think that only because the benefits that It would have to offer myself and others would be completely life changing. In my personal opinion, respect comes with a lot of admiration, and value. I only say that because in current day reality respect Is not Just given to you, It has to be earned but in my reality it would Just be given. That would make It a lot easier In a world where there is war, hatred, and straight out genocide!

If people could Just give respect and not “fight” for It or have to “earn” It, the world where everyone Is treated dignity and respect would make It a complete reality. The word dulling In my mind means pride, worth, and nobility. These three words come to mind because having dulling Is something that gives you your pride, your worth, and for nobility It gives you self-confidence. The benefits that would come out of this are happier, friendlier, and peaceful people. The happy people would become a lot more respectful to others. Therefore the people become friendlier and treat others with the dignity they deserve.

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Then the ace comes last; overall the world and the people in it would become those three things: happy, friendlier and peaceful. I think those are wonderful benefits to come out of everyone being treated with dignity and respect that we all completely deserve. So all in all imagining that kind of world wouldn’t be that mind boggling if we all just realize that treating others with dignity and respect isn’t such a bad thing. Giving and getting respect is not that complicated. Treating others with dignity is just as simple as wanting it. In the end the benefits that would come out of this would be completely wonderful and life changing.