If there’s one thing Eve learned from this past year, it’s that suddenly and unexpectedly, life can hit you. It can hit you hard. Often, I’d find myself weighing my doubts, my willingness to succeed, but as the window to salvage my semester began to close I saw but 2 options: Lay down and accept it, or push forward towards success. The choice was clear. My ability to adapt and stay calm during times of struggle has greatly aided my return to an active student life.

Using only a relentless worth ethic, I was able to pull yeses out of the hole I had grown accustomed to all the while, maintaining a recently obtained full time Job. Not only had I been living in defeat, I had accepted it, nurtured it. I felt as though it was time for a change and I dove head first into a mounting sea of work. For as long as I can remember, my procrastination and irresponsible ethics have done nothing but drag me down. I have discovered the importance of time management, as it is crucial to the completion and quality of my assignments and future work.

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The path back to success has been all but an easy one. I have yet to overcome my inability to effectively use criticism and have again yet to hone the skill of being open minded to the ideas of others In-group work. The Input of clients and peers Is absolutely crucial to having a successful product. Any Idea, sketch or mock-up Is helpful towards building a product that both the buyer and the seller can be absolutely proud of. Learning Is essential. The field of graphic design Is always evolving, growing and adapting with time.

Staying relevant to current trends Is the key to being successful. I believe my ability to absorb and Innovate current and past works will greatly help In securing my future as a leader and as an Inspiration to aspiring graphic designers. I realize there la still a lot of room for Improvement and plenty of new things to learn, and I firmly believe by sharpening my skillet and continuing my studies, that I am on the right path towards a successful career and future.