HI, this is Maria Galileo and I’m going to expose my opinion about the topic “How to attain a good work life vs.. Private life balance” because I have worked in different jobs, at different hours and with all kind of people. Therefore I think I have experience enough to talk about this. After all my years as employee I realized there are some important points to consider: 1 . Organization: It’s essential to use the agenda. If you start the day knowing what awaits you, you have gained one hour. It is also important to use the last half hour to think and organize the next day. You can earn another 40 minutes. Ability to Choose: at each stage of work and personal life, you can have different priorities for what you need to have them clear and act accordingly. 3. Balance: This is your life trying to reconcile with your work without getting stressed and sometimes this is an important mental and physical balance and an even greater response capacity. 4. Time: the day is 24 hours and the year, 365 days, and this Is what you get, but you still have to find within this time a few minutes each day for you. No meetings, telephones, clients, children, cooking, shopping, husbands, wives.

This precious time f reading, walking, cinema or gym will give you strength to continue reconciling your many lives. This now brings me to the last point: Leave work at the office. Bring problems from office to home, will not allow us a total disconnection but Increasing the likelihood of developing stress and take time to rest. So after this advices I can say that the most Important points to bear In mind for having a balance between private life and work are have a good organization every day, trying to have time for yourself and leave the work at Job. Thanks for listening and have a good day.

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