What are we turning Into? Keeping In mind the distinctive roles or men and women I would Like to discuss a few things that have been on my mind for quite some time now. Things aren’t getting better as we can see; the least we can do Is to be expressive and raise our voice. I am In no way playing blame games. I Just want to get this message across to the world, loud and clear. Women in Pakistan are still in the process of discovering their identity. In doing so, some are going beyond what their natural self requires them to be and some have been suppressed underground.

Why can’t women accept who they are and fight for their rights and values? Women are not to be suppressed. They have rights to more than cruelty, deceit and are not to be used as a mere toy by men. Believe it or not, guys, they have a mind of their own; they have their own set of values and desires. They are made to be loved, cherished, valued, respected and taken care of, and in return they would multiply all of this and give you a lot more and sacrifice anything for you. Now I’d Like to point out that I don’t mean to offend anyone. If I mention cruel men, I don’t mean all men are Like that, nor re all women suppressed as such.

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But I am referring to a vast majority of Pakistani people. So why do women become the helpless flatly, suppressed and powerless? Is that so? Yes, women can’t fight in the way men can… But as someone very wise once said “A Pen is mightier than the sword”. Raise your voice. Get educated. Don’t be scared. Don’t wait for this society to wake up. It will be too late then. The first thing we need to understand and believe, firmly, is that women are not weak. We are who we choose to be. We become our beliefs. Women need to know and deeply believe that they are not weak. This is not to be misunderstood.

I am not talking of physical attacks or brutal fights. I am merely making a point. Don’t give up. Keep reading. Take out the time to do this today. U won’t regret It. It’s now or never. How long will we watch as our society crumbles? Now, this Is only one among the many problems prevailing In our society today. As someone once said,” We are all sitting In a bus and we keep traveling In this Journey called life. We believe someone Is driving It, but If we look up… We realize… There is absolutely no one on the driving seat. Take hold of your lives. Run them yourselves or someone will run it for you.

We all have to do our share. We can’t Just keep waiting, being victimized, over and over again. We need to drive our lives ourselves. We are just waiting for something to happen, to protect us, to help us… But even God helps those who help themselves. We have the power to make a difference. Even a fly knows how to create waves in a pond. Why can’t we bring changes which are needed for survival? Are we afraid of changes? Of losing everything ‘normal’? Is this the life we want for our next generations? In case anyone is still wondering what I’m talking about, let me elaborate.

I’m talking of the teasing In the malls, the stares In colleges and offices, the stalking In parks and super markets. I’m talking of not Glenn options or the right to make decisions or opinions to our daughters, sisters and wives. I’m talking about the women who are made to live everyday being abused and beaten up by their husbands and actually believing they how a woman may be dishonored, forced to work in less than decent conditions and then looked down upon by the culprits and the rest of the world. Now, I’d like to point out that women are not being victimized by Just men.

Women are being used in his ploy of men to ensure their suppression & submissive helplessness. Women themselves are bringing harm to other women. Some people can’t think beyond their own selves or far from their viewpoint or shell called lives. I’ve heard those things too, some men may have a big mouth and hurt you with his tongue, bear it and don’t talk back. Some hit women to feel a certain power, if you wind up with such a man, Just bear with it and make the most of it. Some men insult, ridicule and make all of their women’s efforts to please them worthless, never complain. What type of training are we giving our daughters?

Are we then to complain from men who do as they are expected to do? To every girl and woman out there: Realize who you are before someone spells out whom you are. Yes, we women tend to be generous and willingly offer sacrifices. Go on, that’s part of who you are. We tend to keep our families happy, but don’t compromise your identity, your value and your respect for it. But remember, deep within you, to never take nonsense from anyone. Remember who you are. You deserve better. It only stops when you stop accepting it. We need to change to bring change. Now or never. The time has come. Act now, or be acted upon.