Xavier Davis-Bilbo was like any other 5 year old boy. He loved to be out running around and even had a dream to play football when he grew up. Xavier would never reach that goal. In October of 2010, the 5 year old boy was struck by a car while crossing the street with his 13 year old sister Like every other day on the way home from school. It would not be like every other day for the Davis-Bilbo family. A woman, who was distracted on her phone, blew through a stop sign, striking Xavier and ragging him 20 feet.

Xavier Is now paralyzed from the diaphragm down; he has lost his left lung and only has partial use of his hands since the accident. The text that changed this family life forever was “I’m on my way. ” A simple text that could have waited until she was pulled over, but she didn’t. The Davis- Bilbo family cannot even have regular family outings anymore because of this Incident. My question for you as a driver is- is it worth the risk?

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For someone who texts while driving, they usually think that getting in a wreck will never happen to them, but there is always that risk. When you drive distracted you are putting everyone in danger around you: it’s not if it will happen to you, it’s when. If you drive distracted now, it is highly encouraged that you take a pledge to not. Whether it be an official pledge online or just a note to self to not put yourself in danger, do not drive distracted.