Why I Am in College College is the place to gain knowledge and having more knowledge gives you more power. I have a strong drive to go to college because I want to be rich, I want to make a difference, and I want to discover who I am. I believe that college is the first step to my success and I will take advantage of that. College is my building stone to get a degree so I can earn more money to become a billionaire.

I want to use the money I earn to help my family out to thank them for raising and giving me shelter. The other part of my money would be used to help there that are in need such as homeless and researches to help improve and help many people. Lastly, being a billionaire is a dream of mine, accomplishing the goal will show my family and friends that I did it. College can provide me with a degree to not only earn more money but to further my knowledge so I can help and make a difference.

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Having a college degree will make people realize how smart you are and they will treat you differently giving you have power. I would use my power to make the world a better place by having people listening to me and believing that I know what I am eying because I have a college degree. I want to use the title of me going to college so I can make a use of myself to make a name out there for myself so I will not be forgotten when I leave Earth. Some may think that power can get you everything but it cannot help you find yourself.

College is a new chapter of life and I hope to learn about who I am and to grow as a better version of myself. Going to college can help me discover myself so I can love and be comfortable with myself. After understanding myself I can finally allow myself to know what I like and no be indecisive about what I like and don’t like. From the experiences from college hopefully I have tasted each subject and learn which I like best so I can decide what I want to be in the future.

Going through college does not only prepare me for a degree to get good money but it prepares and teaches me many life skills and myself. Going to college without the drive and motivation will not get anyone anywhere. In order to fulfill my dreams of being rich, making a difference, and discovering myself I would have to believe in myself. I have to start from the bottom in college and build my way up to the top.