The story why don’t we complain, is a story that brings up the face about American worries, or lack there of. The author’s first example was when he was on a train, and its freezing outside. Unfortunately the temperature in the train was is the mid ass’s. In the ass’s ,business men wore heavy black suits which was not the most comfortable attire for a hot train car. When he decided he was going to ask to lower the temperature the people around him told him not to bring it up. Why , because American shy from conflicts in general.

The next example was a movie, which was out f focus a simple moving of the film could have fixed it, and all someone had to do was ask to get it fixed but everyone hoped someone else would do it. They get out of the movie with headaches because their eyes had to adjust to the real world. No one said anything so the people thought the movie went great. The next example is the Russian dictator when he came to America. He felt he would be met with protest, yet there was much of anything , I guess you can say the mood was “whatever” and the people that did protest he later said they should of been whipped.

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Those people ere the people that he expected to find. The few that stood against the dictator were looked down upon, why because America has a “whatever” attitude. Then lastly on a plane the author writing and he needed more paper. The eating tray is blocking his route to get up. He ask the stewardess to move it and she is in a bind to to feed everyone on the plane, so she says Ill be right back. He Is annoyed to by the fact she is doing her Job, because he felt that it would have only taken a few seconds. So basically he Is mad because he Isn’t getting special attention.