Rebecca was nine years old, very noisy and did not pay attention to anyone even my parents, Whatever I wanted the most I just did so. One day while I was playing with my dolls, I overheard that my parents were talking together about going to a marriage party, the marriage party related to one of my mother’s relative, my mother was saying that “don’t Inform the children because the house Is so far and If we take them they will become tired and also let them to study their lessons.

When I heard it I became very happy because on my childhood I really liked to participate in different kinds of parties, I Just continued playing, When my mother prepared herself for going to the wedding, I went and asked: “Mother where are you golden Because I was so obstinate my mother held It from me and said “my dear daughter I am Just going out for shopping. ” but I knew that she is going to the wedding, I said: “No mother you are telling lie, due to going out why are you wearing such beautiful clothes? My mother said nothing, just preparing herself. Creamed mother I know that you are going to the wedding; please I want to go as well. Please take me also but my mother did not look at me and went to find her sandal I just fallowed crying, she did not do anything because she knew that I am so stubborn and never listen to her, after a lot of crying she gave me one of my beautiful dresses and I got ready. On that day at ten o’clock my parents and I left home.

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Journey was really Joyful for me because I never had long trip before, on the way my parents were talking with each other about the adding but I did not hear them, I was Just seeing out from the window of the car different things, like people were busy on their works and did different things and saw many beautiful trees and flowers and wondering about the people outside. I liked them a lot and also on the way saw two people were fighting with each other and I became very curious and asked my father “why they are fighting? ” my father said my dear daughter I don’t know about them why they are fighting, I said noting Just looked at them.

After one hour Journey we got off the car and ate lunch near one f the beautiful springs. Really enjoyed, while we were eating our lunch my mother advised me a lot that “my dear daughter when we arrive there just take care of yourself because you don’t know anything about there and be with me, don’t go anywhere without my permission I Just said K mother. After three hours we arrived there, they were very happy to meet us and respected us a lot. At night when the party started and all the guests came and the groom and bride also came and sat on their own chairs, they were looking really attractive and charming.

People who were here started to dance. Due to I couldn’t find any friend to play with them I Just sat near my mother and watched them. The party was so Joyful for me and had a lot of fun to watch them because everything I saw was new for me. After the party was finished at one or two o’clock midnight many guests left the house and some of them night, I was so tried and felt sleepy soon. I woke up at 8 o’clock in the morning, ate my breakfast. When my parents wanted to came back home they did not remain as to come because their party did not finish they had one more party that show all of hinges that bride brought from her parents home.

So we didn’t go home on that day and stayed for one more day. When I finished my breakfast I saw that my mother was busy talking to other women. Without taking any permission from her, I Just went out and saw that many children were playing with each other I was very excited to see them because they were playing a game that I loved it as well. They were tightening one of the girl’s eyes with a black Cotton and she had to find other girls if one of the girls was found by her, she would play in place of her. Without saying anything I went and Joined them. They did not tell anything while we were busy in playing.

One of the girls said to us, “Let’s go to the garden because here is not good place for playing. ” We all accepted and went with her. The place that she talked about was so far but still I liked to go, when we got there it was so green and had beautiful trees, nice flowers with different kinds of smell and one small river. We started playing other game that one girl should hide her eyes and other girls should go and hide homeless everywhere that they want, we were Just busy in this game when I passed my turn, I went to hide myself somewhere after a lot of running to find any better place my feet stuck on a big stone and fell down too river.

I tried a lot but couldn’t save myself and began to scream a lot but no one heard my voice because they had gone to a very far place to hide themselves. After being for ten or fifteen minutes in the water I became unconscious. And when I woke up I found myself in a hospital. It was night about six or seven a clock I saw that my mother was crying in the corner of he room and my father was sitting on a chair when they saw me, my father was very happy but my mother was happy and angry as well.

Because my father had scold her a lot why she did not take care of me. My mother came near to me and asked me why I did like this, why I did not pay attention to her advices. I was feeling so shy and couldn’t tell anything Just said: “mother who brought me there? ” She said,” your father. ” I asked again” how? ” She told that: “We waited a lot for you but you did not come so I Just searched and after a lot of searching, the girls that you had gone with hem told us that you were with them but after playing they couldn’t find you so they came home without you. I was really shameful in front of my parents because I made them nervous and Just because of me they didn’t enjoy from the party and also I was really afraid of doctors and medicine because I hate to eat medicine. At the end I came to believe that parents never want the badness of their children and they Just think about the happiness, betterment and prosperity of our life. So from that day, I have always been obeying whatever my parents have advised me.