In most cases its is the the old woman who makes the Journey the old man having had the sense to stay put and die at home you see her scurrying behind her newly arrived family. She comes from the Azores and she comes from the the Orient. It makes no difference. You have seen her before the short substantial legs buckle under the weight of the child she carried centuries ago Like a bundle of rags who now turns in front of your windshield, transformed In western clothes The grown Oman stops impatiently and self-consciously to motion Hurry to her mother.

The title when I read the title It thought It was going to be about someone who makes a Journey fun or worth while. Summary the poem Is mainly about the narrator and her growing well trying to grow up way too fast and that only women move on with teller lives and men only look back at the old stuff. It alas Also that if you keep on moving forward you are going to meet new people so in the poem she puts that she tells her mother to hurry so she was the one ho was moving on with her life and she was trying to have a follower so she told her mother to hurry up.

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Attitude the narrators attitude is good she is not mad and she is Just trying to tell her Life story but when it gets to the ending she changes her tone and hurry’s her mother so she is like rushed and is trying to move fast. Shifts in the beginning of the poem her voice is sad and depressed then it changes and describes the main character in the poem so her voice changes their. Then at the end of the poem she is very inpatient and is in a hurry.