Decisions wont always be as simple as chocolate or vanilla; there will be times when decisions can change the path of life. In Riddle Coot’s film White Squall, characters made difficult decisions that could’ve changed the path of their lives. When decisions are hard to make, there are three ways to get on the right track: make good choices that will make us happy, not making decisions based on fear or anger, and finding a support system that will understand us. Life won’t always be perfect, but if we know that there is someone or something that can bring right back on track, we have a Geiger chance of making the right decision.

Making decisions that will make us happy, not others can make a huge difference with the outcome of our decision, At the beginning of the film, Chuck made the decision of going on a boat school, the Albatross. At the same time, his father was questioning him if it was a good idea because a lot of schools did not recognize the Albatross. Deep inside, Chuck knew that it was a good idea, and at the same time he also wanted it. In the end, Chuck made the right decision of going. He learned things there that he couldn’t have learned at a regular high school, and those things were reminders and teamwork.

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Even though some people might not support our decisions, we will not regret the choice because It was made based on what our hearts were saying. Making a mature decision based on truth is better than making a decision based on our emotions. An example of a decision based on emotions was when Frank killed the dolphin. He was angry and tired because of what his father had done to him. His father was very controlling and mean, and he wanted Frank to be someone else he didn’t want to, With that, he killed the dolphin, which led him to the consequence of getting kicked out of the boat.

On the other hand, a decision based on truth was when Frank rang the bell at court. Chuck told Frank that “he had to do what he had to ad’ and Frank did as told. He realized that the accident was not Skipper’s fault, if it was someone’s fault, it would be everyone’s. Storms are inevitable and unpredictable, and no one could stop it. With that, everyone stood up and started to support each other. Decisions based on emotions will usually result to something regretful, but decisions based on the truth will usually result to happiness. A support system that will understand our joy and pain is an important thing to eave.

Dean got into the Albatross with cheating. During an exam, Chuck and Gill confronted him because of cheating on an exam. With that, he confessed that he was having a rough time and he told the truth. Then, Chuck, Gill, and Frank made a small pact together with Dean, so he could do better at school. The pact made Dean excel at school. There was even a time when he did better than Chuck and GIG. Because of the pact, Dean learned that making the right choice was not hard as long he had a support system that backed him up. Support systems are crucial, and it should be used and accommodated.

With support systems, making the right choice is easier. But without it, making the right choice is more complicated. Making the right choice is easy, but at the same time making the right choice is also difficult. Recognizing support systems and making decisions based on truth will influence our decisions, the outcome of the decision might not be as good as the outcome of a decision based on the truth. These three steps are crucial when it comes to getting on the right track. It is our choice if we want to recognize our support systems and emotions to make the right choice.