Where my love begins. Love is a gift from heart to heart. It begins at the friendship and heartfelt love. This is a story about a place where a boy and a girl love each other so much. A long time ago, there are a girl and a boy who left their lovely country for another place. They lived in Grand Canyon. It is a beautiful place, and it is also one of the seven wonders of the world. When you come here, you will be relaxed and have a quite life. A boy met with a girl In there. Her name Is Ulna. She Is a third year student about tourism and hospitality management.

She wants to have a challenge to live independence in here. To start her first step in new life, she worked hard and tried her best to do everything. There, she always hopes she will find a good man who honestly love her. Work is not easy to her. Finally, she got exhaustion after a long time work hardly. Suddenly, she felt homesick and wanted to return to hometown for take care of my family. But they advised that she should continue to live there for her future. Next time, there were a lot of student group who came and worked to take experience after graduation.

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He Is one of them who came from her country. His stridden called him Kent. He is the best student about business administration. Kent, who had a happy family, is the eldest brother in his family. For him, study is very important because he must to prepare to do everything in the future. One fine day, he bumped into her while she was working. This is the first time which they met each other. Ken’s Job was finished at midnight. Conversely, Line’s Job must be begun soon every morning. The beginning of them was the best of friends Like between brother and youngsters.

She would tell him all her secrets. He was very quite he loud Just listen to what she had to say. She found him easy to talk and she could talk to him about everything. One day she said to him that a guy she liked hurt her and broke her heart. He gave her words of encouragement and helped her get over him. She was happy and thought of him as a real friend. Therefore, everyday he always got up early to help her. He hoped he could share some of difficult things with her. She know that his sentiments towards her were quite precious. Every weekend, they went for a walk and watched the sunset together.

It was the most beautiful unset they had ever seen. After sunset it was so cold, so he kept her warm in his arm. And sat there, they watched the stars and talked about everything. She looked into him eyes and listened to him talk about what his dream was. All scenes were so fantastic and romantic. As they sat side by side, they could not pretend that they were Just friend. They knew deep Inside that they really felt differently. Nothing Is better than spending that happy time. They began dating and falling In love. When two hearts beat as one, they seem to fall in love so hard so fast at that time.

Throughout one year, they were always together, they got to travel to many places they had never been before. They knew that they did all for their love. And one day, when he hold her hand, she asked him : “L: How deep Is your love for me, K? L: Oust look at K and knob)…. K: It’s my secret… One day I’ll tell you about that…. Wait for me… L: Day by day, after finishing their work, all students came back hometown, a few of them stayed here and wanted to continue their study. Their last sunset looked so sad. It was a last time they washed together in here.

Last day, when she saw him off to the airport, she got a hug from him. Suddenly, he said to her ” whatever happens, I still love you. Come back with me, L” . It’s his answer. Up to now, they still keep love together. In the future, they will have a happy family as they want. All of little something, these are their memories. This is all reason they named it Love Paradise. It is also my love story, but now we have the other ways to live and study. I live and study in Us, and he is in Vietnam. Anyway;says, I really miss this place so much.