There is a famous quote “A Friend in need is friend indeed! ” The term “friend” has various meanings in today’s life and is overused these days especially with the social media. In today’s modern world, everyone that you have ever known in your lifetime Is called a “Friend”. But a true meaning of friendship is totally different. A true friend Is someone who is able to lend a hand when you’re in need. He Is always there for you and has an open heart to listen to your problems.

He deeply cares for you and is looking for your wellbeing He is honest to you and Is able to stop you from making stakes. There are so many other characteristics of a good friend but the most Important characteristics that I look In friendship are a person’s willingness to help, a good listener and honesty. A quality that makes a good friend Is ability of the person to help you. When you are stuck on a problem In life, a good friend will help you to solve the problem.

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He will work hard with you to arrive to different solutions of the problem. He will be with you until you are able to successfully resolve the Issue. He will not leave you alone half-way. He will cheer you up when you are sad and lonely y telling you a silly joke or acting silly or having a bowl of ice-cream. A true friend will feel restless when you are not feeling good and will do everything to bring back happiness in your life. Another quality of a good friend is that who listens to you.

Sometime you just need someone to listen to you and that makes your heavy heart light. A good friend will be there for you to listen to you even if it is a middle of night. This is because he deeply cares for you good in your life. He will not shy away from you when you need an ear to listen. He will make sure that he has the time for you no matter how busy he is. One more quality that I look in a friend is that person is honest to you. A good friend will tell you when you are making mistakes.

He will stop you from making mistakes in life and will show you the right path. He will never take you on a wrong road in life and will be very trustworthy. He will always alert you if you are in a danger of doing something wrong. In the same way, when you have done something right, he is also there to honestly tell you that the action you took was the right one. He is there to support you and maintains his integrity in friendship with you. A true friend is someone who is helpful, a good listener and honest.