The easiest way to be confident in yourself is to stand up straight and be proud of yourself, no matter what you look like. Be proud of Just who you are, not what other people thinking should be. Being confident is all about learning to love the skin you’re in. Wake up each morning with a positive thought in mind. Instead of looking In the mirror and naming all the negative things, pointing out things I don’t Like about myself, I point out things I like about myself.

Get Involved In something that your good at, show off your talents. It will make you Inspire more of others, that alone should make you smile. If you don’t take a stand, and be more, you will Just end up losing your goal and get lazy, Instead of pursuing with all you have,because Its want you want. Just like the saying ” lift up your head princess, your crown Is falling”, Before you can do anything to help others you have to believe that you can do It. Even

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If all you can do Is look confident then you have proved to the people what you are really worth. To act confident Is to be confident, to look, you have to have the nerve to do so, resulting in confidence. To be confident you must act so, or you’ll lose respect from peers. When you know yourself, you are empowered. When you accept yourself, you are invincible. Everyone is holding back something, really think about your self, are you willing to let go of that security cover and show pure, release?

So you’re scared of that person that make fun of you? Well let me tell you this, they feel bad about themselves, so they bring you down, make you hide, WHO CARES! They are going to do what they want.