Does sex refer to a pleasurable thing, is sex beautiful, is sex art, is sex a sign of love, or is sex Just for fun in the moment? Meaningful or meaningless? Sex used to be a special thing, and until now, little has changed about it. If we Just say: “sex only for fun, for one night stand,” for some people this is fine, it is good, it is fun, it is exploration and so on. We should never Judge what people said about it, we can respect it, because every person is different, unique; with different perceptions, and efferent cultures – but can we say, one night stand makes sex to be more priceless or more meaningless these day?

Without saying what is right or what is wrong, with people presumably now finding it easier to get laid or have sex with random people who they Just met at a bar or somewhere else, does it make it harder for us to find real love and for experiencing real sex. I know, it’s kind of a conservative view but it’s just what I think because for me, sex should be the special thing that you can do with a special person at the right time… But at the end, no matter how different we are as a human, the most important thing is to respect each other.

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If we can respect each other, then we can accept what the reason is behind everything, Including different perceptions of sex. My thoughts are, if your partner asks you to have sex, and you are not even ready for it, your partner should know what your reasons are and he or she should respect your decision no matter what. If your partner couldn’t understand and accept it, then he or she Is not worth it to be with. If your partner loves you, then hey should be willing to wait. If sex is meaningful for you, it is worth the wait.

Sex and love are two important things that involve two people in a relationship. Communication Is the basic for building a good relationship. Acceptance, respect, and trust strengthen relationships. The more of these you have, the more you can live a happy loving life; sexually, physically, psychologically together as one. So, what is the meaning of sex for you? “Sex without love Is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go Its pretty damn good”.