What is real true and good BY Superstores What is Real,True,and Good What Is the meaning of real,true,and good? The answer may seem rather simple, but there Is no single answer. When thinking more In depth, I discovered that there Is more to It and a single answer will not suffice. Although In the dictionary these three words have different distinct deflations, they have deeper meaning, for example, the meaning of good is not just good vs. evil, true is not only true and false, and real is not only revolved around what is supernatural and in the physical world.

In addition, each word holds numerous different meanings. Through different perspectives, it then provided me with a broad understanding of each word. Although many would think that each word only had a basic definition, real, true and good turned out to have a more in depth meaning versus what is defined by books in today’s society. The perception of good is varied through what way someone is looking at it. Whether It be someone behavior, the feeling, or to do good It all represents something positive. As a child, being told to be good was a reflection on my behavior.

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Good behavior In my family as a child was always Important. When visiting a family or a friends house, good behavior from me was always expected by my mother. Good behavior was to be mannerly, and to not disturb dinner. Bad behavior was immensely frowned upon in my family and brought multiple consequences. Very often when I was younger being told I was a good listener was a reflection not only on my behavior, but a reflection on the positive way I followed directions. To feel good is a very positive feeling.

Good is a feeling that is achieved through various things like: reaching a personal goal, making others happy, or receiving positive news. Also, to feel good may be brought on from doing good. To do good is to be selfless in a way that you do acts of kindness in order to help others. To reach the warm and positive feeling of selflessness, many will donate their time or money to a charity, or shelter. Creating and reaching a personal goal will fill oneself with a good feeling. For example, a recent goal I set for myself was to Improve my performance In school.

With hard work, and dedication I was able to reach that goal. Reaching that goal, I was delighted in feeling a great relief and accomplishment that I had set my mind to meeting, and did well. Good is not only based off of the morals or behavior, good can also be found in the quality of something. For example, I see myself as good in history. As to someone else, history isn’t their strong point. However, they could be good at baseball. For something to be real does not always mean that it has to be right in front of ones face.

Children’s imaginations through seeing deferent cartoons and playing different video games creates a sense of realness to the various characters featured in these types of media. Although these characters from cartoons and video games re not physically real, It Is real in the way that someone created them to entertain others. As many view the Imagination that kids have ‘childish’ and thought to be Just and take themselves, or others to who they aren’t. To what is ‘real’ later on in life gets confused with who and what adults imagine themselves to be.

Not only who they are, but how one can act. Many young and aged adults can act real, or act fake. To act real is to be honest with others and their self. On the other hand, to be fake is to lie and have a guilty conscience. Through different religions, presents different gods. Whether one is Catholic, Jewish, Muslim or Atheist, a different god is worshipped. Within each religion, the realness of other religions gods are non existent to them. Their focus is mainly upon their own god, and that is only what is real to them.

However, Atheists do not see any time of religion or god as real. The realness of these various practices are made up in the eyes of atheists. Although none of the gods that are worshipped walk the streets of the known world, the realness of them is carried through the followers eyes and are seen through different scriptures in the Bible, Quern, or the Torah. True facts, true statements, and true accusations are all a result on what information is used to back it up. Also, one can be truthful in the way they tell information to others.

In some cases, being truthful in sharing information is very important. For example, within court cases, defendants and plaintiffs are sworn to the bible to completely truthful and not to lie during their trial. This is very important so that false accusations are not made against the wrong person. In certain situations, lying and not being truthful is not as important as it is in the court cases. For example, if a surprise party is being planned, the person who is being surprised will need to be lied to. Being truthful and real, as it ties in with one another is important.

Being true with yourself is needed to live a healthy life. If one is not true with oneself, it will create a false type of lifestyle. For example, if one truly wants to believe that they arena an alcoholic, but finds themselves always having to buy more alcohol, and not even remembering what its like to be sober, they are lying to themselves. Through experiencing these different red flags, they would need to be rue to themselves and get help. These signs are what would show that being true to themselves isn’t what kind of lifestyle they are living.

Not only is the importance of being true to yourself, being true to others is the key to happiness. However in certain situations people have success when they are not being truthful. One of my favorite movies which is based on a true story titled ” Catch Me If You Can” is abased on a man who forged checks all over the country and made a lot of money in the process. He impersonated lawyers, doctors, and even aircraft pilots. Since he was early Impossible to fine because of his multiple personalities he was invisible to the police, but as they say ” every man his his day’.

The man lied to many people around him even his wife who didn’t even know who he was because he lied about his Job and his past. Before he was prosecuted, the man was rich,married, and “successful” in the sense that he had a lot of money. His career was based on lying and he enjoyed what he did. All people are created different, some people need to be true to themselves and others to be happy and some want success and are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. With all this being said, in certain rare case scenarios, not being truthful will make you more successful.

With being true to Lying will not only create problems, but will lead to no friends and broken relationships. As I have observed in my high school years, friends that lied to be or that were fake to me were not loyal enough to keep as a friend. What is actually true, and what is perceived to be true? Through past history, records or proof of important events are rediscovered, these events become historic. As fossils are discovered and more information is uncovered, the idea of how they once walked the earth is created. How do we know that these events are actually true?

Nobody confidently does, but what is true is what scientist and philosophers create from the true and real information that they gather and then further build on. Although, the truth of the matter is that with what is discovered through time, more is able to be build off of that. The dictionary is not the only way words can defined. The dictionary can be crippling because it does not let us think about what words mean beyond the definition. Instead of thinking about what something means, we immediately look to get the answer. The word good can also mean to be a good person or to possess a talent.

To be real is not only based on facts, but to be honest and genuine. To be true is not Just about being honest to people, but to also be honest with yourself. Although all three words may have different definitions, they all hold the same moral in my eyes and that is to be honest. To live a happy life We must be honest with ourselves and others, we must be good people while staying true to ourselves. Before simply looking up a word in the dictionary and writing down the definition, one must realize that there is more than meets the eyes.