The purpose of the memo is to summary the article Six Ways to Grab Your Audience Right from the Start and the perceptions that I learned from it. It is vital that the first moments of your presentation grab your audience attention. Not only does a great introduction provide an overview of what will be discussed, but It should also convince the audience that your presentation would be relevant. There are SIX ways to grab audience attention. Summary of Main Points OX Make it personal Never lose sight of the reader’s interests, needs and motivation.

OX Throw out a quirky fact Begin with a fact or statistic that supports the topic of your presentation. OX Put them on the edge of their seats By railing the readers curiosity In the beginning, It brings audience In to participation and anticipation at the same time. OX Draw a hypothetical scenario It could be either the past or the future/either positive or negative. OX Create a series of vignettes A powerful statement captures the attention of your audience and sets a dynamic tone for your presentation OX use a pertinent quote

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By using the Irony or humor quotations, It catches readers: perspective. Perceptions As an audience myself, I totally agree that these Six ways could grab audience attentions. Nothing builds rapport as effectively as the Golden Rule of all Communication – be audience-centered. Ask either a rhetorical question or one that seeks a response from the audience. If you want the audience to respond, make it easy for them to do so. Ask question that can be answered with a yes or no, or call for a show of hands.

With the help of the Internet, tit easy to find a quote for Just about any topic. Furthermore, I believe that the first step toward making a powerful, persuasive presentation is to define your audience. Defining your audience means finding out needs, interests, expectations and levels of understanding. Without this knowledge, you are unable to match your message with their needs. Your ability to present from their perspective enables you to influence their thinking, persuade them to accept what you are suggesting and achieve your goal for making the presentation.

Conclusion As an effective presenter, no matter which type of introduction you select, Just make it enthusiastic! If you are interested in what you are saying, the audience or reader will have a reason to be. And remember to practice your introduction several times before presentation day because, as they say, you will not get a second chance to make a great first impression. Reference Ballard, B. (2003, June). Six ways to grab your audience right from the start. Harvard Management Communication Letter.