Washing Dishes Cleaning dishes doesn’t look like a difficult Job to accomplish, but doing It Is another story. First start by scraping off all the extra food Into a garbage can or a disposal, so there won’t be any messes and It would be a lot easier to clean. Soak the dishes In some warm water and soap for about five minutes. While that Is happening, get out a dish rack and a towel to dry the dishes.

After the five minutes are up, drain the sink from all the water. Get a wet sponge and start scrubbing the dishes, get all the extra food of the object. Turn the water faucet on and start rinsing the dish thoroughly, making sure there Is nothing left and It’s spotless. Place the dish on to the dish rack and repeat this process for the rest of the dishes left In the sink. Get the towel out and dry the dishes until they are fully dry, not damp.

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Place all the dishes back into their proper places. Squeeze the sponge out into the sink to get the retained water out of the sponge and place it under the sink. Drain the water that may have been left on the dish rack; wipe the rack and place it neatly under the sink. Wipe down the entire sink and counter tops that have water on them with the towel you used for the dishes. After your finished toss the towel in the washing machine and you’re done.