The movie Wag the Dog was very interesting and immediately led my mind to wonder about the actions of politicians today. In Wag the Dog I liked how from Moots perspective he was not going through with a scam, however he was simply doing what he loved most, producing a movie. While I do believe those events do take place today, I am almost certain they are not to that effect. The media is a huge distraction to people of all age groups. Media Is a business In Itself, In my opinion the purpose of media has shifted from simply entertainment to the way we think and what Is lived to be ethical.

Majority of the time I believe the media comes up with a new story or event to shift the attention of colleens or provide other Information In which favors a certain side. I believe this Is all In effort to get people to focus on a primary Issue, topic, or Idea, Instead of a major occurrence In the political world. In the film numerous people went through many lengths to ensure the Image of the president was of good standing. I think the press are manipulated by politicians more often than we think.

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Everyday there is something new happening involving people of a Geiger officer and it is a priority to be sure the American citizens do not find out. If they do not go through with scams, such as in the movie then everything would fall apart. Information that they want people to know is all that gets leaked. While what is important and the true issue at hand gets brushed under the rug and forgotten about. I personally do believe politicians partake in scams very frequently, because they are very aware of the repercussions that may occur once individuals become aware of certain information.