I believe that your past shapes the person that you are now. I can first hand say that this statement is true for me. In the beginning of my high school career I started hanging out with the wrong crowd. My relationship with my family started to diminish. I was being someone I wasn’t while at the same time I didn’t even know who really was. My mother took action almost Immediately. My Junior year I was sent to Cedar City, Utah. It was there where I found out who l, Carolina Barras, really was.

I lived in Integrity House for 6 months. I lived with 28 girls that all had deferent stories as well as different backgrounds. This experience opened my eyes to the fact that everyone can be a better person If they try. I became a nurturing person. I was told once by this girl that I was the person that she looks up to. I was never told that before, so from that day on I vowed to be the best person I can be. I grew up. It was hard for me to be away from my family but at the same time It helped me realize how much I need them.

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I had to be Independent and because of that I have become tauter. I realized that everyone goes through a different path in life and that everyone reacts differently to different situations. I was a negative person because I let my struggle beat me. At Integrity House I met such strong people that had gone through worse things that I can even imagine, and they were loving life. I thought to myself , “why can’t I be happy like them? “. I now realize that the answer is I can be, because you make your own happiness. My life has en completely transformed.

I got home June 2, 2013, I immediately began volunteering at a homeless shelter named Camilla house. I now get along with my family and my academic grades have never been so good. My goal is to continue to change peoples lives for the better just like Integrity House changed my life. I can honestly saw that I have achieved many of my goals because of them. I learned to appreciate life and people. I learned to appreciate others struggle. Finally I learned how to appreciate my struggle because it shaped me to be the person I am today.