What would be your feeling If you plan something and all what you planned for turns Into something unexpected? Of course you will feel disappointed and you might regret it as well. This is what happened to me exactly. It was a perfect plan! I rushed into my room after the good news I heard of going to spend a day on the beach with my family. Wow! “How marvelous this day will be”, I told myself. I lay on the bed imagining the cold breeze of the fresh salt water tackling my nose.

I dreamt of the picture of the clear bluish water touching my feet the moment I step into. Then I loved the idea of tanning my body from the red and olden rays of the sun. Everything was totally perfect! I was riding in the car waiting for this moment to reach there as a small child waiting eagerly to get a toy from her parents. What else could be splendid than this! When we reached there, I couldn’t hear my mom yelling at me to help her In taking the things out of the car.

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All I wanted is to see my buddy, the beach. The waters I grabbed the chair and lay in front of this pure amazing water, no noise, no sounds, emptiness everywhere. Time passed quickly without realizing the disaster. Suddenly, I woke up from my daydreaming, when the smell of fresh water separated from the terrible smell of dust and smoke as if you are inside a fuel factory, everything you smell is pure smoke. “What happened? ” I asked myself. My mom was screaming and running to pack the things quickly.

People on the beach were running everywhere trying to find a shelter. I finally realized the truth. A storm! Oh my god! The sky suddenly became Invisible. All you could see are grey layers of dust. My eyes, my nose, were blocked. I couldn’t breathe. I ran Into the car with my family finding a way to escape. After some uneasy moments of fear and cries, we saw our way through main road. My heart pumped nervously. My tears touched my cheeks heavily. I couldn’t see anyone or hear any sound except my heart and my eyes.

Why everything turned upside down? My dream of lying on the beach enjoying the beautiful view of the clear water and the wonderful sunset vanished! I rushed into my room crying and hiding my face Into my precious pillow. My mom followed me and tried to calm me down. “Don’t worry baby, we’ll repeat it again. It Is our mistake that we didn’t check the weather forecast, but next time, we wouldn’t miss that. ” Well, It was an unexpected, unforgettable day to me that made me grab my diary and write down what happened on that day.