If I could give an underclassman some advice, I would definitely give it about school, family, and relationships. As you grow up, you will soon realize how much time is worth; also, stay out of trouble! Nobody wants to be grounded when they could be out with their friends. My first piece of advice is to work hard in school. To be a good student, you must do your best in everything you do. Do your homework! Put all of your effort into each and every test and assignment.

No matter how young you are, you need to start y researching about the life you wish to have, and the places you want to go to be successful in your eyes. My second piece of advice is to always love your family. I know, parents can be tough, but know that they mean well. Family is a very Important thing in life. They are the people that will always be there, no matter what you have done. Listen to your parents. Before you know it, you will be saying goodbye to them, heading off onto a road that is unfamiliar, but they have to believe in you and hope that everything they have taught you will be enough.

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Don’t let them down. My last please of advice Is to not be wrapped up In your “lover” throughout high school. You don’t need to rely on somebody else and then expect to be independent after you guys break up. Most relationships don’t last In high school anyways, so why wait for the harsh break up? All of this advice will help you grow up and be a good student, perfect daughter/son, and live a drama free life throughout high school. A student shouldn’t worry because of unneeded stress, for they should Just have fun. I hope that you will use this advice and actually get something out of It. Just be mature and do your best.