Looking back on it, my life was pretty plain and clear. I have been living a simple and carefree life ever since I can remember thanks to the protection and cradling of my family, especially with the love from my father. I took everything for granted without realizing their importance. That was until 4 months ago when my father got a terrible disease called Stroke, he can leave the hospital now but he hasn’t fully recovered yet since then, and it was very devastating to my family.

During the time my father was n the hospital, I was very scared and that made me think a lot about my life. Father has been a wall protecting me despite all my ignorance and wrongdoing, but I had hidden myself behind that wall for too long without knowing that it won’t be there forever and one day I myself have to become a wall as strong to protect my own family, including my father. The door to the outside world, to a place that will make the child in me grow up is always there waiting to be opened, it’s only locked because of my fear and indecisiveness.

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The sickness of my father left some cracks on the wall UT the light shining through will give me the courage to take a step outside and become a great man Just like my father. As you can see, I have depicted that experience of mine In the Image above. The walls represent my father with the cracks represent his sickness. I illustrated the outside world with a rainbow pattern to demonstrate Its complexity as opposed to the simplicity of my world inside the walls where everything is single-colored. The light shining through the cracks wakes the child (me) from his slumber In his “pink” bed to walk through the door and find his true colors.