This program is for people who are new to the company and who want to start off on the right track and ally make it a success, with as much speed and positive outcome as possible. Before we get started with the program, I’ve got to tell you a little bit about where I’m coming from on this, because I’m not involved with the Amazon Herb company in any way, and this program is not approved or endorsed by the company. Rather, I’m an independent health Journalist and researcher.

I write about nutritional supplements, health products, and personal health transformation. I reach an audience of well over 500,000 readers a month, with articles and information about how they can take hare of their health, overcome chronic disease and create a new health outcome. I’m doing this program because I got really excited about the Amazon Herb Company solely in terms of its products’ ability to help people heal. At the same time, I have a history as an entrepreneur; in fact, my background is that of a software company executive.

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I founded a company called Arial Software in 1993, and grew it to a multimillionaire business using no capital whatsoever. I Just funded it out of a few dollars in my pocket I had at the time, and I grew it to be one of the most successful impasses in the email marketing software industry today. We have clients like Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Intuit, MAD, Texas Instruments and a long list of other Fortune 500 firms. So, I know what it takes to be a successful marketer, I know how to create business success on a shoestring; and at the same time, I’m well educated about health, nutrition and disease prevention.

At the same time, I want you to know that whether or not you succeed in the Amazon Herb Company doesn’t financially benefit me in any way. I only gain from the idea that if you do succeed, you are doing important to me, you won’t enrich me financially. So, I want you to know that ‘m coming from a place of wanting to see you succeed in the business for all the right reasons, and not Just because it helps me in any particular way. Why you’re in this business With that said, let me offer a strange idea: I know why you’re in this business. I already know it and I haven’t even met you.

How do I know it? Because everybody’s in this business for the same reason, and that’s to experience a healing. Let me explain what that means: Some people need to be healed physically. They might be battling a chronic disease; they might be dealing with a difficult emotional tuition. Other people need what I would call a financial healing; they have financial scars from what I might describe as disharmony with money in their lives and they’re turning to this opportunity mostly from a financial sense. Other people are looking for both.

They want to heal their career, in a sense, by shifting out of some Job they don’t enjoy and into a new revenue stream that can support them financially, doing something they really enjoy. That’s healing as well. So, whether it’s at the physical, financial or emotional level, or even at an energetic level, we’re all in this because we ant to experience a healing. Many are involved in this because we want to share healing with others, and that’s certainly the reason why I’m writing this guide. I’ve also noticed similar motivations in many of the other distributors within the Amazon Herb Company.

They want to share healing experiences and help heal those around them while they heal themselves. Feel good about doing well By the way, there’s nothing wrong with being in this business to make some money. I’ve worked with a lot of people in the natural health community over the years including herbalists, healers, nutritionists… ND a fascinating pattern I’ve noticed is that people tend to devalue their time and not give themselves enough financial credit or enough monetary reward for what they’re doing. They tend to devalue their contribution to those around them.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing well for yourself by doing some good. I think each and every one of us deserves to be financially wealthy, but there are many other forms of wealth that are far more important. For example, the wealth of being able to give to others, the wealth of emotional and physical health, or the wealth of knowledge and experience you can ass on to others. These are forms of wealth I consider to be even more important. Of course, you may be coming from a position where financial wealth is the main challenge in your life right now, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

That can be a great reason to experience a healing transformation. This is certainly a vehicle in which you can accomplish that goal; in fact, it’s probably one of the easiest ways to do everything over again as an entrepreneur, I would very much enjoy being a distributor of the Amazon Herb Company. It truly a fantastic company to work with. A smart business model on a silver platter You know, it’s easy to overlook how much the company does for you. Essentially, all you’ve have to do is to share the word and be a teacher.

Help replicate success from the people who introduced it to you, and through your own success, introduce it to new people you will teach. That’s much easier than reinventing everything from scratch. I know when I launched my software company I had to spend a lot of time and money developing products, and over the years I’ve probably spent millions of dollars on product development. That’s an investment you have to keep making over and over again. It can be very difficult to organize all of that and make it effective. However, with the Amazon Herb Company, all of it has been done for you.

It’s almost like they’ve handed you an opportunity on a silver platter and it’s really Just up to you to make it work. So, let’s get started with the three steps so you can begin to make it work, because, I think you’ll find this is actually easier than you may have imagined. Step 1: Be your own testimonial Step number one is to be your own testimonial. That is: be your own example of what these herbs can do for people, and that means using the products yourself. I know this sounds obvious, but sometimes people Just want to sell their products and not really experience the life-changing health benefits of them.

Maybe they don’t have the courage to take the products and try them out, or to really change their life in terms of food intake and physical exercise; maybe they don’t enjoy the taste of some of those herbs, so they’re afraid to really commit to the daily quantities necessary for a positive change. But I encourage you to really get into the products. Find ways to make them work in your life and then observe what happens in your own body, hysterically, emotionally and energetically; because you will undoubtedly experience a phenomenal shift in your health. You will experience a transformation.

It is inevitable, because these products deliver such potent healing nutrients and energies that they can’t help but alter your level of health. If you Just tune in to what’s happening in your body and become an observer of your body, you will notice some phenomenal changes taking place. Start with a health inventory It’s important to keep track of these changes, and to do that you also want to know products, take an inventory of where you are in terms of health. Write down your rent level of physical health, what symptoms you might be suffering from, if you have any Joint pain or if you have difficulty antagonizing dietary sugars.

Have you been given a disease label by a doctor such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease or some other disorder? Have you been diagnosed with some kind of behavioral or cognitive disorder such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Alchemists or even dementia? Write these down so you have a list you can look back on. Why is this important? One of the things I’ve noticed with people is when they experience a health transformation, they often forget where they came from. The transformation doesn’t necessarily happen overnight, and because the change is gradual, we tend to forget how miserable things were when we started.

So, it’s important to record your starting point so you can look back and compare your results. Some other things to record at your starting point are: Any prescription drugs you might be taking, any blood chemistry results you have, such as your OLD cholesterol level or your total cholesterol numbers. Just get a complete lab work-up and make this your starting point profile. It’s also important to note whether or not you have any emotional difficulties; do you find you’re moody sometimes? Do you have difficulty controlling anger?

Do you feel depressed sometimes? Write these down and make them part of your starting point. If it gets depressing reviewing all of these conditions you might be suffering from right now, I have some good news for you: These are about to disappear. These are going to be taken care of. If you’re like most people, you’re going to experience such positive results from these herbs, many of these symptoms will outright vanish. Now, that doesn’t mean these herbs are going to cure every disease out there. It depends on your particular circumstances.

If you’re in advanced, ate-stage cancer for example, and your doctor has only given you two months to live, that’s very different than trying to prevent the onset of cancer in the first place. Cancer, like most diseases, is far easier to prevent than to reverse. Write down your health goals So, take this inventory first. Then write down where you’d like to be, and don’t be afraid to ask, in a sense, for an outcome you wish to experience. What kind of outcome do you want? Do you want your body weight to be at a certain level? Do you want to reduce your body fat to a certain level?

How about your cholesterol numbers, or your blood pressure? Do you want to get off certain prescription drugs so you don’t have to depend on them to regulate symptoms in your body; so you don’t have the financial cost of buying those prescription drugs each and every month? Do you desire stable moods? Do you desire to feel more grounded and more in touch with yourself and others? What kind of emotional state do you desire? You should write all of these things down as well, and this could include things like, “l want to prevent pain. I want certain pains to go away. Maybe you want to increase your level of on life. It could be any number of things. So, let’s review this. You should have two lists at this point. You have one list that’s a starting point; an inventory of all of the negative health symptoms you may be experiencing. I want you to write a title on the top of that list, and I want that title to be “Distortions. ” Because this is a list of distortions, these are distortions of your state of health. As you’ll find later, they’re also distortions of other important things that will also be improved by taking the Amazon Herb products.

Then, you have another list of where you want to be; the health outcome you want to achieve. This should be a list of all of the health statistics oh want; essentially the entire state of health you want to achieve. On top of that list I want you to write your name. Just your name. You should associate you-?who you are-?with that list. That list is really who you are. That list describes the kind of human being you were designed to be. You were designed to be a being of perfect health, and you have the DNA for perfect health built in to you. Your DNA is the strongest of the lot.

It has survived hundreds of thousands of generations, it has survived tough times and environmental challenges and it has thrived to the point where you are today. You have a blueprint for perfect health inside of you right now and that’s who you really are. So, the health outcome you listed there is really you. Anything that distorts it, such as a disease, a pain or a dysfunction, is Just that: A distortion. It is a deviation from who you truly are. As you will see in this program, part of the healing transformation that takes place with the Amazon Herb Company is to really get in touch with yourself and return to who you truly are.

You are a being who deserves to be truly healthy, wealthy, rewarded, recognized, loved for your contributions and who deserves to have a positive outlook on life. That’s exactly what you can accomplish with this program. Recognize the steps required for transformation So, now you have an outcome goal. This is where you want to be. Take a moment to recognize it’s going to take a little bit of time to get there. Your body must have time to adapt and return to a state of natural health. How are you going to get to that state?

You’re going to start taking the Amazon Herb products. This is going to require some product knowledge, so you want to start studying the products and learn which ones are especially useful for your particular challenges. Then, find ways to integrate them into your life. You’re going to take the first steps of that Journey toward rediscovering the healthy you that’s been inside all along. Start using the products, because these products can help eliminate distortions and bring you back into harmony with who you are. That’s the big definition of what they do.

We can get into all the biochemistry, the energies of the plants, the specific nutrients, we can get really scientific with it if we want to (which I do in other reports), but the big picture is: These products eliminate distortion and bring you back to who you are. Various quite frankly, poisoning peoples’ bodies and minds. If you’re absorbing poison through your large intestine, it’s going to create a negative mental state. So, by taking Freeborn you can improve peristaltic action and improve your digestive health, and get those toxins out of your body on a regular basis.

Some of the products will enhance your immune system function, making you more resistant to invaders like viruses, bacteria and fungi. Other products will improve digestion. Still others provide amino acids, vitamins, minerals, photochemical and nutrients; all the things your body needs to be healthy but may have been lacking up until now. So, by using the products you’re going to automatically start moving yourself forward on that health transformation Journey to rediscover yourself. My personal health transformation I have to interject a quick story about my own health transformation.

When I grew up, I was a very unhealthy person. I ate the standard American diet: Lots of sugars, lots of unhealthy foods and lots of fast foods. I didn’t take nutritional supplements and I didn’t know anything about herbs. I was taught that disease was a matter of luck or genetics; if your parents had heart disease, you were going to have heart disease. If your parents had diabetes, you were going to have diabetes. This is what I believed for many, many years. By the time I was 30 years old, I was in a very poor state of health.

Even though I’d made a lot of money and was doing well financially, I was near diabetic, borderline obese, depressed and I suffered from severe, chronic back pain that was quite debilitating. Again, I believed it was all Just genetics and luck, and thought there was very little I could do about it. Then I began to educate myself and make some changes. I began to take responsibility for my own health, in the same ay you are now taking responsibility for yours, and I began to understand it was possible for me to take charge of my health outcome. I didn’t have to live with those diseases for the rest of my life.

The path was not set in stone, I could alter it. In fact, I came up with the crazy, wacky idea maybe I could achieve a state of perfect health in two years or less. Maybe I could reverse the diabetes, the obesity, the chronic back pain, the mental state problems; I could reverse all that and actually be a perfectly healthy human being. I had this weird, wacky idea, and I talked about it with some doctors. They said I was crazy. So, I fired them, and I decided to teach myself. That’s when I began studying nutrition, food toxicology and the true causes of healing.

To date, I’ve spent more than 5,000 hours studying this information and applying it in my own life. And what have the results been? I visited my naturopath physician a few months ago. He did a complete work up, a complete lab chemistry test and a variety of other tests and he pronounced me one of the healthiest individuals he had ever seen. He said I was in a perfect state of health. He couldn’t find a single thing wrong with me and he was absolutely astonished. He said to me, “Mike, whatever I’ve been doing, keep doing it! It’s working. ” That’s when I knew I had really healthy, vibrant, energetic and successful person.

That’s who I rediscovered. Everything I had in the past was Just a distortion. Anything that wasn’t healthy was a distortion. Those distortions were caused by my belief in conventional medicine. My belief then was: Bad health is bad luck, or your genes are responsible for it. What a convenient way to blame our parents for our own health problems, huh? Your beliefs determine your health outcome I was able to eliminate those distortions through nutrition, health responsibility, orbs, superfluous and many other strategies. The most important distortions I eliminated were the distortions in my own beliefs.

Those beliefs were causing the diseases; the belief that health was not in my hands. Anytime you believe you don’t have a say in your health outcome you are automatically a victim, and there’s nothing you can do about it, because you’re taking on a victim mentality. I challenge you to say that you are in charge of your health outcome from this day forward. If a guy like me, who’s now 35 years old, can go from a state of chronic disease to perfect health sing nothing but good nutrition, supplements and exercise, maybe you can do it too. Let’s get technical about this for a minute. You and I share 99. 9 percent of the same genetic code.

We are almost identical genetically. So, how can it possibly be that genes are responsible for disease? They aren’t. If genes were responsible for disease then we would all have 99. 9 percent of the same diseases, and yet we don’t. Some people are extremely healthy, other people are chronically diseased. The difference is what you choose to do. The difference is your foods; whether or not you treat yourself o medicinal herbs and superegos supplements; whether or not you get sunshine; whether or not you drink enough water and whether or not you choose to expose yourself to toxic food and environmental substances such as household cleaners.

That’s the difference. Begin your own Journey of health transformation So, now you know the Journey is possible. Others have done it. Now it’s time for you to begin that Journey, and you do that by becoming your own best customer. This is where we’re wrapping up point number one: By becoming your own best customer, by walking down that road yourself, you become your own best testimonial. Now you start to achieve, one by one, all of those health outcomes you desire.

You’ll be able to look back at your list and say, “Oh, here’s where I came from, here’s all the things I used to have wrong with me, here’s all the prescription drugs I used to take and all the aches and pains I used to have. Now, look where I am today! This one’s gone, I’m not on that drug any more, I didn’t even remember that one, that one’s not even an issue anymore and so on. You’ll Just go right on down the list and say, “Wow! Look how much I’ve accomplished! ” What that does is spark a fire inside… A passion… He kind of passion that you might read in my words right now.

A passion that says, “This stuff really works, and it’s working for me. It’s transforming my life. ” That is the point where you become your own best testimonial. Then you can’t help but share the information with others around you. When you talk about the products, you can talk about them with a passion. With personal experience you’ll be able to talk about what they did for you. In fact, you might find you can’t stop talking about what they did for you, because it gets pretty exciting to learn you can be a perfectly health individual even if you were n a state of chronic disease. That’s exciting stuff.

That’s earth-shattering stuff if you ask me, because most people still don’t believe it. How to automatically attract new customers You can be your own testimonial by living this transformation first-hand and then sharing it with others. What you’ll notice is people will start approaching you automatically. As your health improves, people will notice and start asking you about it. They’ll say, “Hey, what are you doing? You look so much more vibrant, your skin looks healthier, your energy looks up, the way you walk and move is Just so much leather, you have so much more bounce in your step and you look younger. They will ask you these questions, and gee, what a great way to start talking about the Amazon Herb products and introduce this person to your health transformation (and the success of the products that helped you along that path). The answer is, “Well, here’s what I did: I learned about these fantastic products from the rainforest’s and I started taking them. They made a huge difference in my life. I’ve improved significantly and I’ve been able to eliminate these symptoms and be declared disease free. You can then go on to mention all of the health milestones you’ve been able to achieve.

Or, if you really want to drive people crazy when they come up and ask you what you’ve been doing, tell them that you can’t share the secret yet; that you’re working with a company on some new products, you’ve been trying them out and they’re doing some incredible things for you, but you can’t tell them about it yet. When they start begging you to tell them, you can say, “Okay, but you have to keep this a secret… ” That’ll drive them crazy, because people really want information they ant have, especially if they think you have some sort of secret.

Actually you do have a secret, because very few people know about this. The secret is that these products can dramatically improve the quality of life of every human being. If you really want to experience success with this endeavor, transform your own health to the point where you look like you had a complete makeover, but you did it all through nutrition, herbs and internal transformation. Your skin tone will look different, your eyes will look brighter, everything about you will be noticeably different, and people will start asking you why.