To start with, the most important way I think to become a better student is to do all the hard work first. Once you get home, your mind is still alert. If you do the easy homework first, you will forget how to do the hard homework. Subsequently, you can wrap up questions at the end of the chapter. By this, you can review about what you read, and you can understand more about what you read. Following, you must join in class discussion.

Join, and you will get more knowledge about the subject being taught. Afterwards, you can do long term projects a little by little. You can get the project done faster than cramming It all Into one night If you do this. Cram It all In one night and you will be tired out and will not be able to think correctly. Trust me, Vive did It once. Next, you must have all materials In one place. This way, Instead of walking to get what you need and getting distracted by the surroundings, you could

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Just get what you need right In front of you. Do not be disorganized. I used to always do this and It wasn’t very good. One time, I got so distracted that at 10:30 pm, I realized that I still had homework. Just by little things, it is very easy to get distracted. Finally, you could use different print or sizes to indicate importance. Repeatedly, if the teacher says something and you think it is important, circle it, highlight it, or do anything that will help you remember that it is important.