This I Believe Essay I believe in Christmas. Believe that the Christmas season changes many lives, whether people realize how important giving Is, or they realize there is hope no matter what situation they are in. In second grade, my school helped out at a homeless shelter. We donated toys, food, and supplies for the families. I brought a Bearable doll because I knew there was a little girl out there, who maybe has never had one but has always wanted one so badly, would finally get what she had been hoping for.

The homeless shelter was beautiful. It had a big tree with lights and decorations hung all over the shelter. The families looked so happy. Even with the problems they faced, they still managed to put on a smile and be happy. Seeing the homeless shelter and having that experience really made me appreciate what I have and it also made me want to makes someone else’s life easier and happier. For me, the Christmas season always seems happy and Joyful.

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I love everything about it, the lights, the decorations, the trees, the cold weather, everything, so I want others around me to be happy too. It’s easy to get distracted during Christmas time though. Many people are buying presents for their children and partners, but forget about the families who aren’t spending hundreds of dollars on presents for their children, and not because they don’t want to, they Just can’t. When I think about that, I feel bad because I can’t imagine how hard it would be to not be able to give your child the only thing they have asked for all year.

That is why, ever since the second grade, I try to keep in mind that there are many ways to bring a smile to people’s faces, just by the little things that anyone can do. Donate a dollar to the Salvation Army. Donate toys to their schools toy drive. Volunteer and help out in their community. These are only some of the many ways to make someone’s life happier. I believe in Christmas, that it has the power to bring everyone together and remind us what to be thankful for, and that there Is hope, no matter what we struggle with.