Life Is Worthwhile If You Learn Quite simply, It Is the natural order of things to grow and or expand. The best way for us to grow as people, and as individuals is to learn. The more we learn, the better we become, the better we become, the better we make the world for everyone that we come into contact with. A lot of people think that they can be of benefit to others by improving themselves for others. The thing they most often seem to miss is the fact that they can benefit others most by becoming the the best they can be for themselves.

Therefore If you want to make life worthwhile for others, you must make It worthwhile for yourself. The only way to do this Is to learn… 2) Life Is Worthwhile If You Try No matter what trials we face on a day to day basis, we have to do whatever we can to overcome them. How do we know, if we can overcome if we don’t try. What Is the point of our existence If It Is not to grow? The only way to grow is to stretch, to overcome. So we face new trials almost daily, and for each one we must try harder to get beyond them than we did the time before. Every time we try, we overcome and we grow.

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When we grow, we make life worthwhile for everyone In our cycle of Influence. 3) Life Is Worthwhile If You Stay When Mr.. Iron first spoke of this in the taped talk I heard, he was using sport analogies. Not being very sport oriented, I didn’t fully understand the point he was trying to make. In my own life manifested the perfect Job. The Incredible thing about this Job Is that it is still Becoming. ‘ It has a lot of responsibility, and each day brings its own set of new and harder challenges. I am in a role that I have been charged with creating. Some days I think, “No way! Too much!

It would be so easy to quit and Just walk away… But that Isn’t what makes life worthwhile, staying at It, Is. No matter how hard it gets, I cannot justify to myself anything that would happen if I didn’t stay. When we stay, we force ourselves to grow… 4) Life Is Worthwhile If You Care get incredible results. Care enough to make a difference. ” For me, this statement comes back to one of my more humorous mantras, “Except for one, possibly insignificant, exception the entire universe is made up of others. ” It was this statement that helped me to turn my life around. Once I realized this fact,

I realized also that we must care for those others… I must care for those others. I slowly came to the understanding that it was all about love. If I love me, I love others and I also care about what happens to them. As I learn to care more for others, others begin to care for me. We are all connected and as such, we are all affected by what each of us do to the rest of us… If I can make one person smile when everything seems dark, then I have achieved the greatest of all of my achievements.