Was Mr.. Ross right or wrong in manipulating his students as he did? Defend your answer. Mr.. Ross was wrong in manipulating his students. I believe that because his manipulation caused many things to go wrong and many people got hurt with it too. When he finally ended in what he had done, it affected all the Wave members greatly in which many students like Robert might have done something to his life if the movie continued on or so I think.

Many people were even getting hurt when stood up to the Wave like Laurie. Laurie knew that it was leading the wrong way ND so she tried her best to stop but the only person who could actually stop this whole gang is the creator of it. This was not the only way Laurel’s question could have been answered. The need of doing this experiment was not really necessary because Mr.. Ross knew where this experiment will lead if it was successful and it actually was.

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So by giving the students a sense of a “gang” going successful without any extreme work, the students can create their own anytime if they have wanted to. Which could have soon become very disastrous because, Mr.. Ross stopped the gang he created just because he understood how it was hurting others and where it was leading the students, but what if the creator of the new gang won’t understand that?

So there are actually many things to think about when dealing with creating a gang and manipulating a bunch of people. Now remember, this happened In the past and It worked and so this could have happened then and it was working until It got stopped. So by this creation many people got hurt, skipped their classes which lowered their marks, and people who wanted to stand up couldn’t because they got scared. So If by stopping this was a good Idea, then by creating this was a bad Idea.