The eager, empty gut feeling. The slow, clanking rise. The brief moment of calm. The swift, gut wrenching rise and fall, over and over. The unanticipated, breath taking turns. The rush when its looked back on. At first glance, you might say I am Just talking about a reallocates, but is that all? Is there a chance that every one of the things stated is also applicable to love? I think so. Although everyone’s ride Is a little different, I believe that reallocates and love are far more alike than we think.

I was eleven. It was my first time going to universal Studios, and I was so excited. I had never been on a reallocates before. And Since I was a newbie, my dad, being the man he was, took me to the scariest ride there, Dealing Dragons. We got in line and I was Jumping up and down with excitement, asking tons of questions. “Do you think I’m tall enough? ” “Are you scared? I’m not scared. ” “How long will take to get to the ride? ” “Do you think I’ll get sick? I hope I don’t get sick. ” Will all the time we spent In line. I thought we would never make It to the ride.

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Finally as we got to the front of the line, my excitement quickly turned to nervousness. Some of the people getting off the ride didn’t look like they enjoyed it, and I was scared I would be the same way. But being the dare devil I was, I got a boost into my seat and was ready to go. A lady came around to check our buckles and she was telling us all of the things we need to do to stay safe while on the ride, which made me even more nervous. So I was back to square one, second guessing if I should’ve been so brave. Before I could even think about getting off, the ride started to move.

Slow at first, taking the climb to the first peak. And as we got to the top, I looked down, my stomach did a 360, and we started to fall. We gained so much speed on our way to the bottom of the slope, I thought that we were done for. Thought that we were going way to fast and were going to crash when we got to the bottom. But just as I started to squeeze my dads hand and close my eyes, we were Jolted straight back up another hill. I was relieved. After we took on that first, and biggest hill, I knew we were going to be okay. Climbing up the slopes was such a relief after those breath taking plunges.

But every mime we approached the bottom, I knew that I was worth all of the fear because soon enough, we’d be right back on top with a great view. Just as I had stared to get used to the hills, I saw in the distance the dreaded lollipop’s. I kept thinking I was going to fall out of my seat once we were upside down, and I almost completely convinced myself by the time we reached them, and I was in tears. I held on tight, closed my eyes, and hoped for the best. Soon enough, it was all over, and we were pulling back into the loading dock. When we got out feet back on the ground I realized how much fun it was, even Hough I was scared to death.

I wanted to go again. So, we got back in line. Love. When first meeting someone, we’re all skeptics. We want to know more. We have that rush of excitement. And as we get to know the person, and become more and more invested in them, we start to question if things are going too fast or not, like eleven year old me, taking on the scariest ride in the park for my first time. Yeah, I was scared that I would never want to go on another reallocates again, Just like everybody is afraid to get their heart broken. But eventually we fall in love, we get on he reallocates, not knowing what is to come.

As we make the climb up to something wonderful, as we really start to fall hard, we get to a point of pure happiness and Joy. We fall so in love and become so blinded, that we think it will always be this perfect. But the truth is, nothing in life is perfect. We all get in fights, we have our ups and downs. But no matter how gut bustlingly painful the downs might be, we know how great love can be at its high points, so we go though a little pain. We all have that first love, when we’ll do anything for the other. When we think we’ve got it all figured out.