There’s a house in the middle of town known for its eerie presence and dark past. They said that there was once a family who lived there. A small family of three, they were happy and contented with their simple wooden abode. But one fateful night, under the full moon, they became the fancy of a bunch of thieves and robbed their place apart. The family fought back to these thugs but they were gunned down and died on the spot. It was a bloody massacre for the husband and wife, yet their only daughter’s body was never found.

Months have passed after the incident, and people darted speaking of audacious claims, saying that they see glimpses of the couple’s daughter peering out from the window attic. Her cold laminating eyes frighten anyone who dares gaze at her image from the attic. The housekeeper, Mr.. Ballerina said that there is no one else other than him living on that house anymore. After the incident of the family, the house was holly entrusted to him due to his personal kinship ties to them.

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Such mysterious occurrences and a taste of curiosity, three men, though boys rather than men, ventured inside the haunted house when the housekeeper went out of town for a week. Filled with excitement and youthfully vigor, they entered the residence In search for answers. Though they may have entered alive, the very next day their bodies was found lying on the floor, bloodied and terrified, their face had the horror etched on their faces when they met their end.

The people started whispering of the young couple’s daughter’s spirit did this to them, her soul, still furious from the death of her parents, unleashed her wrath on to these poor boys. Terrified, no one else tried to enter the home again without Mr.. Ballerina’s guidance and to assure it, every night at the peek of the midnight you loud see a faint silhouette of little girl staring out from the attic window, waiting, guarding for the next fool to enter her home. “Stop scaring us In the middle of the day, Audrey! ” I shoved her off from her table, making her throw the eerie flashlight she was using Just awhile ago. Seriously Nathan, what’s the matter with you? ” She dusted off her skirt and looked at me with a disappointed look, “Could you at least try to act tough In front of the girls? ‘ She pointed at the group of girls with me, whispering about something indecent if I might suspect, “It’s bad enough that everyone knows you’re a coward when it comes to host stories, but actually showing them that you are? No wonder you don’t have any girlfriend. ” “Hey what does that have to do with anything? ” I stood up and faced her off, “l Just don’t want to listen to you happening about some thing that doesn’t exist. ” “Doesn’t exist? She ogled me with suspicion, “Haven’t you heard of the news? ” She took a weird looking notebook from inside her bag and flipped the pages, it took awhile then suddenly she shoved a page right in my face. “July 15, no more than two years from now, three boys was found dead Inside the old haunted house that we are so fortunate to be living In Its vicinity. Their bodies were found swamped In their own blood with terror In their eyes. ” She explained It to me while I grabbed It away from her. Everybody else seems to be leaving us while I and Audrey duke It out Into another conspiracy versus reality debates.

Since it was lunch time, Audrey decided to closed the windows and covered it with the curtains and locked the door so that no one else would ruin the fun. I only stayed because I know how much of a liar Audrey is when she got things rolling on her side. “There was never an account that their faces were covered in terror or anything close to it. You are only speculating through the rumors that spread out from the course of time the incident happened. ” I rebutted her claim with some hard on facts. “But where do rumors come from ham? She started her defense, “From snippets of the truth, if they did not have the same face exacted from what the rumors have given, then why such a claim started in the first place? ” “Oh please it was out of terror, people tend to send off outrageous claims when they are frightened. They see and say things that are beyond the normal understanding to make it sound fantastic. ” I read down even more and saw she kissed some very vital parts of the whole case. Mimi didn’t even include the cause of their death. ” “Which one? ” She asked, “The one the media was forced to write about?

The one that involves them drinking some kind of poison? ” “They were not made up; there were actual vials that match the toxicity in the bodies of the three men. And you know the history of those three men, they have been sent to Jail a couple of times already for harboring highly addictive forms of hallucinogens and other kinds of illegal drugs. They were pushers and it’s not highly unlikely that when they accidentally drank an overdose since they’re high. A stated what was missing in the paper that she gave me. I can’t believe she would leave out something as important as that. IEEE that’ what the police wants you to believe, since those three are indeed highly offensive drug users- met them first hand, no a very good bunch of people if I might say so myself- the police could have easily used that alibi to contaminate their bodies with their own poison and “drop” the evidence in the scene. And why would it be bloodied on the floor if they simply drank poison ham? ” She attacks me with an obvious fact. But I know how to fight that one back, “There were blood markings in their mouth, suggesting that they vomited them in the brink of their death.

And besides there finger prints were all over the vials, care to explain that? ” I countered and hit back hard. “Easy, the police made them-I” “Damn it! Mama, make them stop!!! ” Suddenly one of our classmates shouted from the top of his voice. We both stopped abruptly and saw our teacher standing by the door. “Miss Gorged and Mister Italian, I suggest continuing your highly completed argument AFTER my class, is that alright? ” She glared at us with such a cold eyes. Miss mama,” we returned to our sits in fear of what she might do to us if we disobeyed.

The police made them touch the vials,” With that final defending whisper, Audrey returned to her seat. Assuming victory is in her grasp. After the afternoon bell rang, I packed up my bag and went out of the room, it was a nice summer breeze that washed over my face. I could finally feel the summer break drawing close to me. The smell of the beach, the site of beauties in bikinis, and the sight of Audrey staring at me like a tiger… … Wait what? “Audrey! ” I shouted at her, “Why the heck are you giving me that look? ” “Because we’re not yet done, Nathan. She grabbed my arm and dragged me down to the lobby. Please don’t tell me we’re still going to continue this? ” My mind so already weary you’re admitting defeat? ” She grinned with her mischievous smile. “l didn’t say that. ” Damn, she really knows how to tick me off, huh? “Will the two of you ever shut up? ” Someone shouted at us. “Oh Cristal! Help me! ” Audrey started running straight to Cristal. “Nathan has been bullying me again and he Just won’t stop. Please do something mean to him. ” She pouted her lips and gave her the batting eye lashes maneuver. Please for the nth time, do put me in the middle of your nonsensical jabber. ” She gently pushed Audrey away from her. After what happened with the mysterious piano case, I sworn an outing ever to interfere with the two of you again. ” There was this piano that was mysteriously playing by itself before during a rainy evening. Audrey says it’s a ghost but I said it wasn’t, and we argued it for a whole week without stopping, irritated by our fighting, Cristal volunteered to see what really happens and stayed inside the school until night time.

The next day, she concluded that the sounds was coming from the raindrops coming from the leak on the roof, that she unfortunately felt first hand because of the roof finally giving up on that very evening, soaking her wet and getting her in trouble at the same time. Anemia sorry about that. ” Audrey patted her own head. Anemia you better be,” A tall figure emerged from the scorching field; it was Dante, “It was the first and probably the last time Cristal had a record in her life. ” “We are saying sorry, right? ” Cristal isn’t exactly you’re typical girl; she’s very reserved and down right conservative.

Of all the girls in the whole school, she’s the only one who wears such a long skirt in the middle of the summer season. “Fine, fine. ” Dante shrugged and wiped the sweat off his face. My best friend and Critter’s boyfriend we eave been together ever since kindergarten we were so tight before that we actually knew what the other was going to say before he could say it. Yet lately, the two of us haven’t been hanging out together as much, the difference in our hobbies has already set us apart this few years. It’s only thanks to Critter’s persuasion that we actually see each other lately. “So where do you want to eat, darling? “Anywhere would be fine,” She suddenly pointed at us, “But we better make sure that these could even get to their respective homes before the hurt each other to the death. ” Anemia I guess so. He scratches his head and went straight for me. He grabbed me by the shoulder and pinned me to where I stand. “What the heck? ” I tried shrugging him off, but his heavy build makes it impossible. “What the heck are you trying to do? ” “Just making sure you don’t beat Audrey to death. ” He laughed and then let go, I Just realized that Cristal was holding Audrey the same way and was moving us apart. It’s not like I want to kill her,” I paused, “That badly,” Anemia but it always starts with that,” He sneered as we waited for the girls to return. “Damn it’s so hot!! ” Audrey tried to fan herself with her hand. Hey, Crisis, could you spare some space under that umbrella of yours? ” Her eyes pleaded like an innocent puppy. “l did tell you to bring your own umbrella, right? ” Cristal raised her umbrella a little to look at Audrey, “But your hard headiness prevented you from discerning the importance of my warning. ” She shrugged, and continued walking. “Gar… I didn’t know it was going to be this hot today. She growled and Just dragged herself through the heat. Though they only met after she persuaded Dante to start to hang ideologies. One is very open to a point to believe in weird conspiracies and stuff hill the other is too conservative to act outside her orderly and efficient traditions. “Seriously dude,” Dante walked near me, I guess he was looking for the umbrella he left inside my bag. “Why do you keep hanging out with Audrey? ” He suddenly asked something off, “l mean, you really hate her guts, right? ” “l… Don’t really know about that… ” I confessed silently, “l mean, yeah she makes me tick, but somehow… Mimi like her? ” He grinned. “Hell no! ” I accidentally shouted, and then I returned to my normal voice. “There’s no way I would like her… ” “Then what? ” Dent’s face Just makes things a lot more implicated. You see, he’s not someone who hides about his feelings, if he wants something, he asks for it; subtly was never his best friend. I guess that why Cristal like him so much: he’s so honest, it’s scary. “If you don’t like her, then why do you keep hanging out with her? ” He finally found the umbrella and opened it, thankfully it was big enough for the two of us. Hey Audrey come here, we have enough space for you here. ” “Hey, thanks, Dante! ” She immediately rushed towards us. When she finally reached us she fit perfectly on what little space is left between me and Dante. Mire’s spoiling her, darling. Cristal glared at her boyfriend as he covers for Audrey. “The heat is killing us all; can’t you give her a break? ” Dent’s calm voice has been proven effective against Critter’s cold shoulder at times. After a few moments of dredged waiting, Cristal finally gave up, she opened her bag and took out a spare umbrella. “Here. She threw it at Audrey. “Better give it back in one piece alright? ” At Critter’s house, we felt the sudden had urge to untie our shoes and go straight to her room the moment we entered it. “Hey, watch where you walk on to, those are some new rugs we got from Middle East. Cristal barked at us like some stray dogs. Honestly, when she’s with another people’s company she’s so timid and reserved, but when she’s with us, she’s so cold and unforgiving. “Now, now dear, don’t be so callous to your friends. ” Her mother is watching her be a pitch towards us the whole time. Don’t waste your pity on them mother,” She glared at Dante first then to the two of us, then she gave us a wicked smile, “These bunch off sad group of misfits will bite at you at the first sign of weakness. ” Mire’s evil. ” Audrey stares at Cristal like she wants her to suddenly light up from her large. Muff look like an angel in the outside but you’re a rotting putrid piece of soul eating demon in the inside. ” The highly descriptive way of Audrey towards Cristal could have been the influence of her reading a little too much of those so called satanic books. L don’t care what you say to me, you tin foiled hat wearing weirdo. ” She shrugs her off like an insignificant insect. Mire’s unbelievable claims can never be shined upon by the public due to their outrageous statements and retarded sense of logic. ” She’s attacks Audrey with her relentless barrage of venom coated ridicule. That’s my girl. ” Dante grinned and relax easily in the coach. “Face of an angel, tongue of the devil. ” “And you actually like this part of her? ” I had to ask since delusion and love aren’t always two different things. Sometimes, though I still like the demure, innocent-sis side of her. ” He watched again as the two of them bicker out. “Oh yeah? ” statements, saved your preppy butt from those girls last year, am I wrong? ” There was a rumor about a group of girls who, knowing her relationship with Dante, wanted to humiliate her by doing some God-knows-what to her. Since Audrey was able to whiff UT that simple piece of rumor from her “sources”. She constantly warned Cristal about it. Though at first didn’t believed a single word that she said, she finally followed her the exact moment the girls’ wanted to exact their plan.

Since Cristal didn’t went to the place she was to go to at that exact time, the girls were caught and were sent to probation due to illegal carriage of medical drugs. “Though I was truly grateful to your intention to help me, I could only assume that teas was only a mere stroke of luck from your part. ” Though she tries her hardest not to feel emotional room such a personal attack, it doesn’t escape the fact that she was truly grateful to Audrey at that time and was actually the start of their weird friendship. “Oh now you’re Just acting it up. She can see the faint weakness in Critter’s part now, she has to think of something fast before she Jumps in for the kill. “Though I wish to continue or interesting discussion, but alas it’s time for me take my bath. ” She stood up and opened the door, “Now if you would excuse me, I would like to take a shower. ” She went out and closed the door silently. “Ha! She Just can’t say she lost. ” With another ruminant smile she sits down to Critter’s bed and opens her bag and grabbed her ‘conspiracy book. “Do you really have to bring that out here? ” I asked her while she flips to some of the pages. Well no ones arguing that it shouldn’t, right? ” Why does everything have to be a debate with her? “Alright, I’m leaving now, I still have to study for my big quiz tomorrow. ” Dante packed up and stood up. “Say good bye to Cristal for me alright, I don’t she’s on the mood to talk to me today. ” I guess he did kind of pushed his luck with her overtime he sided with Audrey today. Anemia, I kind of see hat,” I tapped his shoulder and he went out, I could hear him saying his good byes to Critter’s mother as well. “So how long are we going to stay here? Audrey finally asked, it was starting to get dark and she doesn’t want to walk around the town in the middle of the night. “We Just have to wait for Cristal to come back then we could leave. ” I answered. After a couple of minutes, Cristal came back, drenched from her bath. “Oh, where’s Dante? ” She looks around for her boyfriend. “He left earlier,” Audrey answered her, “It looks like you gave him the cold shoulder again. ” “Well, I wouldn’t have done it weren’t for you… She sneered at Audrey, “But alas, it can’t be helped; he’s Dante after all. He Just couldn’t help himself. She dried off her head and sat on the bed. “I’ll Just make up with him tomorrow. ” With that, I and Audrey stood up and gave our good byes, it was getting late and we still have to do something tomorrow. “Farewell, you two. ” She waved at us, “Hope to see you tomorrow in one piece. ” Outside, the moon is already lit up in the sky; the streets were laminated by the street lamps with a couple of brighten up windows coming from different houses. “Hey don’t move so fast. ” Audrey tugs me back to her. Honestly, why can’t you Just admit that you’re afraid of that Haunted house? “I’m not,” I shrugged her grip, “l Just want to get back home as quickly as possible, that’s all. ” Coming from Critter’s home, I and Audrey have to go through the Haunted House if we want to get back to our which is no more than a couple of yards away. “Alright, let’s make a deal, if you could stand up in front of the Haunted House for even a minute, then we’ll go back to our homes as quickly as possible, deal? ” “Fine,” If I even said no, she would use it against me until the ends of time. “Let’s hurry up and get this over with. I followed her until we reached the frontage of the Haunted House.

Covered already with vines and overruled by weed, it’s really hard to believe that there’s actually a housekeeper living here, even though he rarely reveals himself. If you look at it closely, it still has the fine linings of its once great architectural prominence, which is now washed away by time. “Okay,” Audrey took out her watch, “The minute starts now! ” At first I was Just idly grazing through the whole place, then, by some reason, I can’t help but stare up to the attic window. I guess it’s all the rumors about that spot has finally made me ant to look it up and see for myself once and for all.

Though the rumors says that there’s a girl like figure standing by the window, but the truth is, the said figure is actually a vague silhouette made out from dust and such. When I really look at it, the silhouette does look more like a girl that the sheer vagueness that I used to believe; the detail of the body is very accurate and the face has real features on it. I stared longer, trying to grasp what made this dust-made profile such a terrifying thing amongst the people. Then I saw it’s ‘eyes’ from this reflection of the moonlight, one loud assume that girl had blue eyes, Just like the ones the couple’s daughter has.

They are like two pairs of gems that fascinated me for a while. Then it blinked. “What? ” I couldn’t believe my eyes; surely it was Just a daze from me for staring too long. I tried to rub my eyes and looked at the figure again, and this time it’s supposed mouth was crooked downward, forming a smile. The girl is smiling at me. “Are you alright? ” Audrey asked me while I was having a cold sweat, I can’t believe she has seen what I Just saw right now? “Look at the attic window,” I fidgeted to say to her, “The girl… T smiled at me. ” “What are you talking about? She looked up and saw the silhouette of the girl; it was back on its original form. “The girl hasn’t been looking down at you… She’s Just staring at the moonlight. ” “But I Just-r “Wow, so now you believe me that there’s a ghost here? ” Damn it, how can I let myself be carried by my emotions, I completely forgot I am with Audrey this whole time. “TTS. ” I tried to shrugged her off, “Just a trick of the eyes, could be a result of my drowsiness. ” I lied. I’m perfectly awake. “Come on, the minute is over. Let’s get back home. ” “Fine, fine. She hides back her watch and we both started heading off home.

Unfortunately, she’s my next door neighbor so it’s inevitable that we wouldn’t part until we reached it. “See you tomorrow. ” She waved at me and went inside her house. I entered my room, still trembling from what I saw a couple of minutes ago. That child, ghost, thing, whatever… Did looked at me and even smiled. There’s no possible explanation for such a thing to even exist. Yet I saw it with my own eyes. The blue stare was not a reflection, it was actually there… Looking down, though the window prevented me from knowing what kind of emotion was behind those eyes.

And then that smile, again due to the window I can’t tell if its mischievous or an innocent one, but my head keeps on saying the former. Maybe because of rumors, regardless of its certainty, makes me think that the girl is a ruthless murderer and it scares the crap the quiz and we have a free tomorrow. But I’m only kidding myself to think that I could sleep after what Just happened. Though I hate to admit it inferno of Audrey, I’m actually quite anxious around dark places and ghost stories. And after a first hand experience, well let’s Just pray that I could sleep tonight at all.