The Song of Love “This Kiss” by Faith Hill is a beautiful song because It tells us the truth of love, and also the smooth rhythm makes me tell very comfortable. Furthermore, I really like the voice of the singer. It can lead us too peaceful world, and give people the space to relax, to enjoy. Also, this song reminds people of the love, especially those who has already forgotten the pure love in life, The lyrics of the song is the best part, it expresses the joys of being in love through the act of the lovers’ kiss. The kiss is the one of the most pure things In the world, which makes us feel secure and gives us d lining of being loved.

The kiss is a universal language that transcends time and boundaries. Also, it is a natural ability for all of us. We do not need to be taught to how to kiss with the romance partner, because when there Is a real “chemistry” between two people. The kiss will come up. The speaker of the song states that “It’s the way you love me” (Faith 7). If a person fall In love with the romantic partner, they will kiss to express the love and give the feeling of security to each other. In most of the time. If there is no real “chemistry between the lovers, they will sense that they should back off.

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The kiss Is a way to show the love, so It Is hard to keep the “false love” going so well. In the song, “But you got me like a rocket / Shooting straight across the sky,” the speaker totally falls in love with the romantic partner, she gets the feeling of Jump to the sky, and nothing can bother her to enjoy the love in her heart (Faith 5,6). When we hear this song, we can feel happy, the song is full of extreme happiness, the speaker of the song states that “It is a feeling like this / Its centrifugal motion / It’s perpetual bliss” (Faith 8-10).

Through it, we can feel the love is so pure and attractive, t leads us to the extreme happiness, and let us moving away from the center of the normal world, we can Just go straight to the center of the love that Is a world of myth. The speaker believes that “Baby I am forever yours” (Faith 20). Once the two people fall in love with each other, they will get a feeling that they should stay together forever, they will not be apart until the end of the world comes. It Is the faith of love. Kissing me in sweet slow motion / Let’s let everything slide” (Faith 34 35), The love can create a world that nothing can slide in except for the two owners of this magic oral. The feeling of love can make us floating and flying, we are the angels with two wings. The love wings let us fly to our romantic partners whenever we want. And then, the guy will press his soft lip against the girl in a sweet and slow motion. The kiss will go so well, because the power of the love between them Is so strong, nothing can break through it. When we listen too song, the rhythm always catches us the first attention. “This KISS” has a smooth rhythm.

The soot beats make us feel the sweet to the love. And It combines different instruments make the music more rhythmically_ The chorus of he song Is also good, It Is the most dynamic part of the song, because the rhythm of this part is always catches my breath. The voice of the singer is so attractive, which is the voice of an angel. Her voice makes the song unforgettable since we cannot forget the voice of an angel. The voice expresses the sweet of the love and the lovers are depend on each other. In a word, the voice is so awesome, makes me feel the sunrise, the sunshine, the happiness that we can be loved.

A good song always reminds us the experience that we had. This song will give us he chance to recall the pure love in our lives, or maybe the first love which is the treasure in our memories. Once we get married, we will forget the love by the time past, since we are so busy in making money to support our families. For this moment, we need to listen to a music that reminds the important and the pure love in our lives. We need to have space to spread our original spirit, love. We cannot live in a world that only cares about the money. We need a song to plant the love seeds in our hearts. This Kiss” by Faith Hill, is a good choice for everyone who wants to recall the eve in the life, or who is expecting the first love to come to true. Hence, this song is so unforgettable and sweet, it won’t be forget by the time past. The lyrics of the song is so meaningful, it makes us know the truth of love, and feels the happiness of the kiss. And the voice of the singer is also unforgettable, the voice plus the lyrics make us recall the pure love in life and expect the love to come into the life. Again, I like the way the speaker shows the relationship between the love and the kiss. The kiss is one of the basics of the love.