Fair uses very harsh and derogative words in the first section of The Road Home’ to convey a sense that Rosier is a large person. At the very start she uses the description of a ‘solid bulge’ to give us an initial mental image of a fat yet muscular little girl and then goes on to describe the heavy thud of rubber footsteps pounded’ which gives us an indication of the amount of weight being carried around by the girl.

Another point in this first paragraph Is when Sylvia says ‘heaved a mountain of ere which isn’t exactly a pleasant way to describe a girl either, this Just reinforces the already pronoun knowledge that Rosier Is fat. Sylvia also uses dialogue to express that Rosier Is a simple person as an example of her speaking would be when Rosier says ‘Ay! Say ‘allow to Rosier’ In an attempt to communicate with the sheep In the field. Your average person wouldn’t do this and so this helped me to the conclusion that Rosier was simple as well as how her speech would have sounded, as the word ‘allow’

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Indicates there is some sort of speech difficulty present also. Another piece of evidence which supports this is when it says ‘Each time her eyes saw movement, her mouth gave a sheep like grunt’ , this shows that she was in fact trying to talk to the sheep which isn’t what a normal person would do. So, in conclusion, Sylvia uses a wide range of adjectives, phrases and dialogue to give us this mental image of a rather large, simple girl trying to talk to the sheep in the fields, whom we know as Rosier.