It’s been six months now, since our baby has been born. When I received that letter from her, my heart felt like a cougar had slashed it open with blood oozing out. How could a person be so different and be so wicked? I will never forgive the owner of those malicious words written in the letter. I’ll show people the real Miss Strangest and reveal her true intentions. It now makes sense that SHE was the one who wrote all those secret letters to the townspeople, constantly writing about heir faults and criticizing everything, which have caused people pain and negativity on Pleasant Street.

Who would know that dainty, Innocent-looking Miss Strangest was actually a nosy, secret, deceitful old lady! Her real Intentions are clearly stated In lust this one piece of evidence. I felt so Insulted by her straightforward thoughts that I cut her roses out of anger. When I came back home from cutting those pristine roses that Miss Strangest prized, the look of utter shock across Helene face was he first thing I saw.

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She was holding the note looking pale and when she saw me, I noticed fear and uncertainty in her eyes. I hesitated to say anything, but the bubbling fire inside me just spilled open. “That old lady is just infuriatingly Not just to us. But she wrote all these wretched letters to the other neighbors. She deserves punishment for hurting so many people’s feelings and getting in their personal business all the time. ” I said. “What she said was unforgivable but… But do you think t could be true? She said. “Nonsense. ” I replied. Suddenly, I hear a commotion outside. Peering through my window, I see Miss Strangest scream at the sight of her ruined, cut roses and I saw Mr.. Lewis, Ms. Thompson and the other neighbors shouting at her. That’s right; she deserves that kind of embarrassment and humiliation. After looking at the commotion, I go upstairs to check on the baby. I didn’t want to admit it, but there does seem like there’s something off with her….

No, he’s a perfectly healthy baby. Our baby couldn’t have dysfunctions; she was just slow. There’s nothing wrong with being different but Miss Strangest seems to have a problem with that. I think she’s Just overreacting over something that could be easily mistaken – like all the other letters she’s written. I see her small, porcelain face and an overwhelming feeling of fatherly affection overcomes me as I peer into her crib. But then I’m struck dead as I realize something. She was turning blue.