Journeys happen every day, internally and physically. Well known authors often use a physical Journey to further the characters change. Bret Heart Is successful in using a physical Journey to alter the characters personality In The Outcasts of poker Flat. Croakers, uncle Billy, Mother Shipping, and the Duchess all had one thing in common, they were banished from Poker Flat due to their actions.

In Bret Heart’s short story The Outcasts of Poker Flat he party of misfits prove that even if people have corrupt actions, the can still be a good person. The characters all reveal their true personalities In their vigorous Journey. Mother Shipping changed in the journey and you notice this change when, “Give ‘me to the child,” (Heart). Before she and the group of outcasts were exiled from poker flat she owned a brothel. This is allowing sin to happen and encouraging sin in her everyday life.

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After they were on their trek to Sandy Bar and they were stranded she gives up her life for the innocent Piney. The Journey brings out the goodness In her heart to die In hopes of saving an Innocent young girls’ life. Mother Shelton was a spirited person and In the article It states, “Mother Shelton thought to be the strongest of the party, weakens. ” The journey put her through hardships which she could not endure and finally gave in. Being strong doesn’t define you as a good or bad person.

When Mother Shipping was at her strongest points she was a corrupt person, but when she gave in to the weather and the lack of supplies that they had she did a righteous act while she was at her weakest point. The Journey portrays unethical characters changing Into fit characters. During the journey the Duchess changes and is show by in she said, “Piney can you pray” (Heart). Hammond 2 She was a lady of the night so when she lived In Poker Flat she made very unreasonable decisions to make It by.

In Poker Flat she had never gotten close or been compassionate to anyone, but after reality hit her that she could never return to Poker Flat she made an attempt to better herself. The Duchess had always been an isolated person but in an article it said, “The Duchess, previously a selfish and loyalty character, does all she can to comfort and console the fearful Piney. ” When Piney was upset that the Innocent, her husband, had set off to Poker Flat to get help consoled anyone in her time until during their voyage.

This hike caused the group f misfits to run into a pair of innocent people, one of them being Piney, and her kindheartedness made the Duchess aspire to be a good person. In by Bret Heart he portrays how a group of corrupt people have good hearts. The group that was expelled from Poker Flat for their sinful ways happened to have good hearts. To figure out they were righteous people it took a Journey to realize not to take life for granted.