Nowadays we live in a society, which is obsessed with materialistic things. In supermarkets, shops, on the internet also almost everywhere we are surrounded with products which we could buy. Unfortunately people want more and more stuff and are not satisfied with what they have. People have need to own more and more things, because the society requisite It from us. The people around us push us to buy new things, to have stuff which we really do not need. So the cold truth is that we are competing with others.

On the other side there is the media, who manipulates us and we do not even recognize it. The commercials always have effects on us and make us believe that we really need the product which they are selling. There are every year more and more shopping centers and they are every time bigger and bigger. Visiting shopping centers became a holiday or a relaxation or a plan for the weekend. Lot of women and even men became Sophocles and obsessed with all kind of products and stuff. Consequently is the money what we most need and want.

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Without money we cannot afford this things and this Is why we want more and more money. The society is expressing to us that persons who have lot of money have comfortably and better life, have everything what they want and are happy. But believe that this Is not true. I think that money cannot buy happiness. And I totally agree with the statement which says that money is the root of all evil. On the other hand we can also be obsessed with power, fame, and all kind of psychical stuff The power is the most dangerous of them.

One you eave a little power over somebody you want more and more. Good examples of this are the negative and bad personalities in history like Hitler, Stalin and others. And this is why we need to be careful with our power. In conclusion in my essay I absolutely supported the statement above and I exposure only the bad sides, because I believe that there are only negative sides about that. I hope that people will begin to starve for knowledge and not for material or bad psychical things. Only this would be good to have a lot and want more and more.