The man who finally became a Man” It was 1990 and Chester Just moved to Oklahoma to start a new life and become a man. Before he decided to move he lived in a bad town called East SST. Louis. While living in East SST. Louis he bought a shot gun to be able to prove that he was a man to those around him. But little did he know that the shot gun would only get him into trouble. One day Chester went out into a field about five miles from his house. Chester had begun to shoot the shot gun. The gun went off about three times and on the third and final shot Chester heard a scream.

The scream sounded like a little kid. Chester rushed to the area where he heard the screaming and found out that he had in fact shot a little girl In the back. Chester kneeled down by the little girl, turned her body over to see that she was still conscious and breathing. He began to speak to the little girl asking her what her name Is. The little girl responded slowly while choking on blood that her name was Chelsea. Chester closed his eyes and immediately began to cry and apologize over and over to the girl. By the time Chester opened his eyes again the girl closed her eyes and automatically stopped breathing. At that moment

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Chester knew that Chelsea was indeed dead. He was devastated and had no clue what to do. Chester stopped and thought of what he could do and at that point and time the first thing to pop in his head was to throw her body in the river near-by. After Chester threw Cochlea’s body in the river he got rid of the gun. He ran home as fast as he could and acted as if nothing happened. That night after he ate supper he decided to leave and catch the first train to Oklahoma. A few days passed and Chester affably arrived In Oklahoma. When Chester arrived In Oklahoma he went to see his aunt Mary who lived In Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mary was Cheater’s favorite aunt and she was someone he told everything to no matter what It was. When Chester arrived at Mar’s house unannounced he told her of the incident in East SST. Lois and asked if he could stay with her for a while until he could figure things out. Mary said she would allow him to stay there for no more than six months. While staying with her he was to get a full time job and help pay bills. By the end of the six months he was to have his own apartment. Chester agreed to all of his aunts’ conditions and demands. He even promised he would get his act together stay focused and stay on the right path.

Six months passed and Chester had a full time job as a manager at a forgetting company and he also had his own apartment. His aunt was very proud of him and told him that now he could consider himself a man. Chester thought about what his Aunt Mary had said and began to think about all of his ups and downs In life and still didn’t consider himself a man. He decided to go back to his home town In East SST. Louis and tell the police of the Incident that involved him shooting the little girl Chelsea in the back with the shot gun. The police Now Chester considered himself a man because he did what a real man would do and that is the right thing.