Important qualities of a good roommate In recent decades, a growing of Juvenile Is willing to choose foreign countries for their further education, and residences directly become their first choice after they reach the new land. However, most of them find too difficult to share a good atmosphere with their roommate Indeed, which mainly happens In North American. In terms to me, I used to share an apartment with two Canadian guys for three months approximately, and this experience will be an unforgettable experience with sadness and suffering unluckily.

There is no doubt that roommates who have good and upper qualities will be acceptable and welcomed, and these superior qualities definitely help international students to find their ways in a new country. To begin with, a enthusiastic native Canadian will bring u a feeling of sweetness as u enter in a new room, and u will get a sense of family ship as they greet u sincerely because he Is the first new friend as u left your country.

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However, most of students are not willing to chat or communicate with their roommate, which is due to the feeling of strange and self-approbation. Meanwhile, the exclusive circumstance of each culture will become the hindrance between communications for oversea dents as well. Further more, an updates investigation, which proceeded in UCLA illustrates that a roommate who is in low profile will share a better and friendly relationship with people easily, which compared to others who are intensively active failed.

In my point of view, in order to get support and appreciation from roommates, u need to show respect to them, give them private space and not interrupt them frequently. As a result, a good community will come true. To sum up, a enthusiastic and generous roommate will bring u precious assistance during four years, which Is the precious wealthy u never received before.