The novel The Iguana Tree describes what a person might go through to come to the America. There are many different reasons to want to come to the America such as a job, to attend school, and a better life, etc. A reason to come over Illegally would be not having the money to be able to afford the legal fees to come legally. In this novel, the man wanted to come to the America to find a Job, to make more money for his family. Once he had enough money he was going to have his wife and child brought over to be with him.

When the man started his journey to come across to America, he as taken to an old, run down, dark house. When Hector arrived at the house another man (Miguel) was already there waiting to be hustled across the border. They would spend several days and nights together in the house not knowing what was to come next. They had to go with limited food and drink for days. Then one night the coyote came and took the two men to a warehouse, there at the warehouse were many men. Eventually all the men were loaded Into a hole that had been cut out of the bottom of a truck. After all the men had been loaded into the hole It was welded back shut.

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After hours of riding In a closed, cramped space that smelled of urine and vomit, Hector was losing hope of ever making It out of the truck. Finally, the truck came to a stop, the hole was reopened, and the men were “hustled” out of the truck into a second warehouse (25). From the second warehouse all the men was took into a office where they was given an new identification card, the start of their new life as an “illegal American” (26). Hector went to South Carolina with Miguel the man he met in the old house, they waited on a bench for Misuse’s cousin Pablo to come and pick them up.

Finally Pablo arrived and they started their Journey to South Carolina where Paulo’s lives and works. The farmer that Pablo worked for also gave Miguel a Job. Paulo’s boss called his neighbor to give Hector a Job. Hectors wife Lila and daughter were In Mexico living with Allis’s mother. Within days of Hector, leaving Lass’s grandmother passed away. While going through a hard time of her husband being gone and he grandmother passing away, Lila wanted so bad to cross Into America to have her family together. An old friend of Lass’s from school offered to help get her and her child across to America.

Seeing that she trusted the man she decided to allow him to help her. Lila and her baby had to go with different coyotes. She went to the house of the man that was to be her coyote; he took Lila too woman coyote that would bring the child across. After leaving her baby with the woman, Lila and her coyotes started their journey in a truck. She was to ride on the back that was covered with the man that was not driving; along the journey, the coyote raped her. They arrived at a river, which she had to swim across. Once across the water, she had to wait in a Junk yard in the back of a car for someone o show up and call for her.

She was taken too house, where she would get her new identification, a new life. This Is where she awaited for her child and her husband. While she was waltzing she had to cut and dye her hair, she also watched a man being murdered. Days passes and her child never arrived, but Hector did. Hector was grateful to see his wife, but very upset that his child had not arrived. Hector, Lila, boss and his wife to help but they also had no luck. One day Miguel asked to drive Hectors truck he had gotten from his boss to the store.

Hector knew the breaks was ad on the truck, but he had been so worried about finding his daughter he had not fixed the breaks. Miguel did not get far before he had a wreak in the truck. Hector and his wife went to the wreak site, this is where the Americans found out that they were illegal. They were taking to the station where all the illegal immigrants are sent to wait deportation. Hectors boss and wife tried everything that they could to keep Hector and his wife from having to go back to Mexico, but there was little that could be done. They were sent back home across the board and never found their child.