The sun peaks through the cool crisp clouds as the wind blows softly on this wonderful October day. Finally, the excruciating-heart wrenching 6 weeks are over. No more feeling lonely not able to talk to the one I love, not able to hear his sweetly soothing voice. The few letters I received from him where Like a glass of cool lemonade on a hot summer’s day when you can feel the essence of it soothing you with every sip. The uncertainty of how he was doing or what he was doing would eat away at my stomach with every thought of wonder.

I would imagine that he was right here when wrote to him every night, reading everything I was writing which comforted me until I fell soundly asleep. As the days crept by slowly, so slowly, I would imagine seeing him as a united States Airman, not a recruit, all dressed up in his uniform. Finally, I can stop waiting and waiting, for today will see my love and my heart will have relief. Lust getting out of bed I realize that in only a few hours I will be looking at a true Airman, one who made it through boot camp alive, one who will walk anywhere with confidence knowing that he has accomplished something great.

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I hurriedly walk around the house with a slight skip In my step as I’m trying to get everything ready to go. My heart beats faster and faster with every tick of the clock as I continually check the time. I can hear in the background the tick-tock and it haunts me for it tells me that time is moving slowly. My mom is watching me carefully wondering how I’m going to actually act once I see Ben. She tells me to “take a breather for a minute and sit down, you have plenty of time. ” But I can’t stop, I have to keep moving or I know time will only hold still.

She rolls her eyes at me with a slight chuckle and continues on. As I’m skipping from place to place I realize how much energy I’m losing because I’m not doing anything productive. I move my purse from the couch to the table, than back to the couch while I move my shoes to the door for the third time. After my purse and shoes are in the right place it’s time to go. I look at the clock one last time and take a deep breath; my heart begins to beat fast. Leap Into my car with the largest smile that my lips could possibly form. As I’m driving along I get this feeling in my stomach.

It’s a feeling like I can’t breathe and my stomach is being squeezed tightly while my heart beats wildly with my face twitching from the smiling. I see all these lights in front of me strategically placed around the road . I made it to the airport. My head gets hot as I breathe heavily. “l cannot belle I’m going to see my boyfriend! ” I say under my breath. I sit there In complete disbelief at what is going on. After what seemed like a million minutes the woman on the intercom announced that it was time to board and I was on my way. The plane lands and I race out of the walkway.

I glance at the clock on my phone to see I’m right on time. My face goes from pure happiness to a look of desperation only 1 OFF carrying my luggage. I would glance at my clock only to see a few minutes have passed when it felt like ages. As time gets closer I notice guys passing me who at a glance could look very much like Ben.. Its five fifty seven and he should be waiting at the security entrance. With grace and elegance I pull up tall and firm ready to finally see my Airman. Walking towards the security check point I hold my breath and anyone could feel my heart beating from a mile away.

Groups of people start piling out like a flock of geese trying to get a single piece of bread. As I see a man in uniform standing at the corner and appear through the cluster of people my heart stops and I hold my breath. Tears started welling up in my eyes. But something, or someone, somewhere guided my attention to these black shoes. They are perfectly shiny and coated, as black as black gets, glistening while the lights shinning down softly graced them. I look down and I see dark blue pants that are perfectly pressed and perfectly placed on this person’s body. A red rose sits in his gentle hand to the pants.

His arms, are folded ever so gently behind him. The Jacket is a dark blue color also strategically pressed to match up with the pants. My heart skips a beat as I see his shoulders, then his neck, and finally our eyes meet. He instantly smiles revealing that one dimple that I love so much as I smile back to him with tears in my eyes. At this sight of his smile my heart stops and my stomach flutters. The whole walk down our eyes stay glued to each other in awe that this moment has finally come. My body is numb at the sight of him so I patiently wait there never taking my eyes away.

We stand there, Ben in front of me, smiling at each other lost in the reality of what is going on. As if he was reading my mind we both embrace one another at the same time. The tears stream down my face as I’m filled with so many emotions. I’m so grateful to be with him at last and I couldn’t be more proud to be hugging a United States Airman. I whisper in his ear “l love you” and squeeze tightly never wanting this feeling to go. As we walked away together holding hands my heart races and I can’t stop looking over at him and smiling. My love is finally beside me and I am happy, truly happy.