All of us are created with a special purpose In this world. We are not created just to Increase the population, but we are created to know our special purpose and to help make this world a better place. All of us are gifted with deferent latent skills, It’s lust up to us on how we are going to develop these skills and make use of It for our own good and for the good of others as well. In the story Earache she was also gifted with a certain skill.

That Is her talent to eave fine soft cloth with the use of a high-standing loom. Earache was well known all over Greece because of her magnificent works of art. And because of that, people tend to visit Earache’s cottage Just to witness her weave fine soft cloths. But because of her fame, she got blinded and sees herself being superior to others, to the point that she even challenged the goddess Athena. And because of her insolence. She was punished and cursed by Athena and turned her into a spider.

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Moral of the story: Be humble enough to accept the fact that you’re not the only one whiff good at a certain skill. If you have an outstanding talent among others, share it and don’t brag about it. Boastfulness will bring you nothing but chaos. It is better to count your friends than to count your enemies. Living in fame and luxury but hated by many is what you called baloney. But being loved by everyone because of your humility is what you called treasure, that you can be proud of for the rest your life.