There is so many themes put into such a short story. The more you read into the story you think It would get happier but there is a total plot twist. Also the way the title Is put Into work In this story is awesome. This story really hit me hard for multiple reasons Including the theme of disappointment and expectations. Because I usually have such high expectations when I get a new pet and then I get let down by my mom and dad when they have to give away the puppy or kitty because It Is ruining the couch or Is too such to take care of.

I also really adore trains so that Is why this story really caught my eye from the beginning. The overall tone of this story Is hopefulness. The way It happens for 20 years Is Just Insane. So you would Imagine after that many years, something would have happened right? I know If I were to pass someone every single day rain or shine and wave to them, something good must come out of It. This guy Is absolutely insane for not making a move quicker. The tone seems kind of neutral till the end because it obviously did not go as he planned as neither did she.

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It went from 100-0 real quick. From neutral to down right depressing. And that is how I will tie in the theme of this sad but wonderful short story. You should not judge a book by its cover. Like when they saw each other it did not click as it should have. When I was reading this story I was really hoping they would kick it off and you know maybe it would not be so awkward. But you know, we always cannot have what we wish for. I do not see why it would be regret also. He was trying to be friendly and made his journey over to her house to actually introduce himself.

But they ended up be so hostile on which I do not understand. Do they not know first impression is everything? That is for sure another theme that I should touch up on. I think about this the more sad it gets and looked pieces me off. And with his expectations with this woman turned into a disappointment when it did not click. The connections between them was different. He was hoping of this beautiful old woman with her daughter and friendly and she ended up being like my own grandmother with the hostility and sagged wore out sallow folds.

And I feel as if she was shocked and maybe felt kind of intruded with him Just showing up at her door. The conclusion and the title are common because the far seemed to be so perfect but when he got near It all fell apart. It is all about the perspective of life. So many themes were placed throughout the story. But the most Important one Is not to Judge a book by Its cover. You never know what could be deep down Inside. They both seem to have great personalities it Just about opening up to the right person and getting to know them.