‘The curious Incident of the dog in the night-time’ by Mark Haddam, is a kid named Christopher who is born with Eggbeater’s syndrome, and therefore he narrates the novel from his point of view which is very interesting because he sees things in a much simpler way than people who do not suffer this mental birth defect. Christopher shows the ‘otherness’ in society because he is living in a social environment that unconsciously discriminates and excludes people that are different.

A moment where we can see how Christopher is treated differently is in school. He goes to a school for kids that have mental problems that need special cares. Even though Christopher has this mental dementia, he is a genius In mathematics and physics, and as his school does not count with ‘A’ math classes, Christopher requested them. The school wanted to deprive this kind of education to him because they thought he was not going to endure it and that it was not necessary.

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But finally, Christopher father complained and he was allowed to take those classes. Also, he Is discriminated when the police comes to Mrs.. Shear’s house and sees him with the dead dog In his arms. The policeman acted alert from he beginning, when he realized that Christopher had a mental problem. He was quickly Judged and considered guilty, and any move that he made played against him (the policeman touched him, and as Christopher does not Like to be touched, hit him and was accused for attacking the police).

He was taken to the police station and ended up with a mark on his personal register. Finally Christopher father saved him from being accused as the murderer of Mrs.. Shearers dog. In conclusion, Christopher lives unconscious of how differently he Is treated and passes through them without caring. However, many people love him and take care of him.