The best ways of marketing yourself Every one wants to have a successful Job and to be the best in his or her life, so if you want to create your wonderful life, marketing your self Is the most Important thing to make It real. Marketing yourself Is the great way to find success In your life and to get your dream Job. Marketing yourself Is program to market you step by step to find success in your dream job. People are tried to market themselves by using these program. There are a lot of ways of marketing yourself probably, in this report I choose the most best five ways of marketing yourself.

The first important way of marketing yourself is assessing you. In marketing yourself, you are the product so you should assassin yourself effectively. In this way, there are two steps to assess you. First step is self analysis, is to ask yours important and difficult questions related to your personality, desired Job environment and personal goals. Questions related to your personality, Is very important to analysis yourself. For example, what are my bad and good ability? Am I ambition? Is I am leader or follower? Questions related to desired Job environment, are about Job environment, how Important salary to me and are I able to travel?

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And questions related to personal goals such as, what are my jog goals? What do I want from my Job in my life? What are the jobs that will help me to achieve my goals? After analysis yourself, you are ready to next second step is identity strengthens and weakness is to know yours strengthens to help you in your dream Job and to know your weakness to improve it. You can do it by drew line in the middle of paper, than write yours strengthens in first side and in the other side your weakness. For example, strengthens are enjoy being with people, I am leader and I am good in solving problems.

And weakness, anger easily, work slowly and Impatient. At last, you should be responsible In assassin yourself and truthful. The second Important ways Is Curriculum Velvet (C.V.). Preparing your C.V. Is very important part to get your dream job. “It is Provides an overview of a person’s life and qualifications. And it is Latin expression which can be loosely translated as [the] course of [my] life. ” (Wisped) C.V. involve many important steps such as, general information like name, sure name, local address, E-mail address and phone number.

Also, C.V. skills summery like your personal profile, than C.V. objective it’s your education (certification), experience and qualifications. Good and interesting C.V. might let your dream job truth. The third Important ways is prepare your speech. It’s kind of short speech that sells an Idea, promotes your business or markets you as an Individual. “It’s as essential as a business card. You need to be able to say who you are, what you do, what you are Interested In doing and how you can be a resource to your listeners. (Introduction to Information Marketing by Robert Sorrow) This speech prepare it before and it’s better to memorize it. So start from now to prepare your business card. The fourth important ways is make your great first impression. In this way, it Just takes very quick few seconds, not more than 3 seconds to evaluate you for the first time meeting each other. This evaluation is based to your appearance, your body language, your dressed and your manner. There are a lot of steps to help you make your great impression.

First, be yourself and be at ease. Second, present yourself appropriately. Third, be open and confident. Fourth, be positive. Fifth, be Courteous and Attentive. At last, yours winning smile (smile and the world smile too). Making your great first impression let them employ you. The fifth important ways is interview. The interview is your opportunity to sell yourself and your skills and Employers decide on an appropriate employee on a range of areas. ” (Sarnia Russo Group. Com) There are a lot of steps to make your interview successful.

First, the first impression count, could give appoint view of you. Then, dress to impress and that will show them who you organize yourself. Next, do your homes work, it’s about if they asking you to bring any documents even if they didn’t ask bring it by yourself and you should to take all your documents. Then, find out the location where the interview will be to be on time. Also, be prepared for all questions that might asked you and be prepared if there will be test. Next, be punctual, don’t come very early and also don’t come late be Just on time.

And be confident, of course no one is perfect but Just try not to show them that you’re nervier or confusion. Then, be honest and sincere and show them your manner. Next, main eye contact when they are taking with you or when you answer their questions. At last, thank them for the time they are spanned with you. Interview is very important part to get your dream Job, so be ready for it. All in all, marketing your self is very important nowadays for all who want to find his or her success. There are a lot of ways to market you, but there are five best ways to market yourself appropriately and affectively.

Assessing yourself, prepared your C.V., prepare your short speech, your great first impression and interview are the best five ways will help you to find and create your success and your dream Job. If you really believe in yourself, if you want to be great and professional, marketing yourself is the best solution for you. Marketing yourself is not difficult, you should trust of yours and then it will come easy for you. So start from know, it’s your time to show your ability and your talent, to show them whom you are.