Santiago, a young shepherd boy from Spain gives up everything to pursue his dream. He always wanted to travel when he was little, so he became a shepherd. Santiago traveled from city to city to sell wool from his sheep. While sleeping in a church one day, he has a dream about finding treasure at the pyramids in Egypt. Santiago continues selling wool until one day at a plaza he meets a mysterious old man who convinces him to pursue his personal legend. The old man teaches him that every person has his/her own personal legend to achieve and when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

With that in mind Santiago decides to sell his sheep and travel to find the treasure. He travels to Tangier in Africa, where he dose not know the language the people speak. Santiago is robbed for all his money shortly after arriving in Tangier. With no money and no sheep, he is left hopeless. He realizes that he was stupid to believe in his dream. He needed to find a way to make money to return home so, he gets a Job cleaning crystals. He works with the crystal merchant and brings the shop great success. Santiago works for nearly a year and saves up enough money to return home and buy a new flock of weep.

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He thinks of the old man and decides to pursue his personal legend. In order to get to the pyramids Santiago must cross the desert so he Joins a caravan where he meets an intriguing Englishman. The Englishman shares his passion and knowledge of his dream to meet a 200 year old alchemist. Along the Journey through the silent and dangerous desert, Santiago becomes wiser and learns many valuable lessons that will help him along his Journey. He arrives at the oasis and falls In love with a girl named. He Is approached by an alchemist who helps him with the last bit of his journey.

Santiago discovers many parts of the world he never expected to discover. He Is faced with many challenges. Throughout the Journey Santiago convinces him self to quit and go back to the girl at the oasis but Santiago listens to his heart and tries to fulfill his dream. As he gets closer and closer to his dream, he discovers the treasure In a place where he had least expected. This story Is simple yet entertaining and filled with many unexpected events and valuable lessons. It teaches us to listen to our hearts and follow our own personal legends to find our hidden treasures.