In this article I guess the author In details described his passion to reading and his steps to his adult life, to life nowadays. In this text, Richard Rodriguez gains his undying interest in reading. This is where he realizes what he believes would be his true calling. He believes reading would open up a new chapter of life to him whew using Hostage’s book to describe his life, it wasn’t until he came across that book that he knew what category of student he fell under. The main idea is observed briefly at least for me.

The piece more looks like an autobiography. Although After spending many years lost in the academic world, Rodriguez began questioning his life and the life that he left behind. He also began to realize that things he was running away from Is what he desperately needed. He finally came to the conclusion that his life of closeness with his parents Is something not to be ashamed of. When he finally figured that out, his education had ended. I truly believe that Rodriguez key to peppiness was to find a balance between his childhood home life.

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I liked the way the author described his childhood years although the one not understandable thing for me was his behavior with his parents. He was ashamed of them however they always tried to be with him when needed. He had good parents but the author is purse-proud of his achievement in education. As for the piece itself it was written perfectly and understandable and interesting, because throughout the piece it was hard to find the main point of it, so I really wanted to finish it.