The Go Transportation comes in many forms nowadays, car, bike, bus, train, flying, etc. Everyone is different in their opinion on which form of transportation is their favorite. All of the different kinds of transportation provide a whole different experience than the others. Coming to Montgomery County Community College, I have used three different forms of transportation to come to school. All three vary in many ways, but at the end of the day, they all got me to where I had to be.

One form of transportation I use to get to school is by bus. Bus is most least favorite form to get to school. The bus is always crowded and it feels like people are sitting right on top of me when I am on It. The bus stop very frequent, which makes the ride feel very long. There Is usually no conversation going on, because everyone Is either reading or listening to music on their headphones. The bus also makes a very loud noise while In drive, which can be annoying. If I am one of the last to board he bus and there are no more seats, I am forced to stand up for a very uncomfortable ride.

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All in all, a bus ride is my last resort in order to get to school, because it is the least relaxing and enjoyable. But if it is my only choice at the time, I have to deal with it. Another form of transportation that I use to get to school is the train. Train rides are very enjoyable to me and I use the train to get to many places. I take the train to Philadelphia sports game very often because of how convenient it is. Train rides are DOD because it gets you to the destination faster than other forms of transportation.

Also, If I am sitting at the window seat, there Is a lot to look at. Just like the bus, there is usually not much conversation going on, unless accompanied by another person. Everyone on the train Is listening to their music, reading a book or newspaper, or having a conversation with the person they came onto the train with. Train rides are more expensive than a bus ride, but far more enjoyable and fast, so it is all worth the money. Finally, the third form of transportation I have used to come to school is by car.

Usually when I come to school by car, it is either with a friend or one of my parents. The ride is usually very relaxing while music is being played through the radio. During the car rides, there is always good conversation on the way to the destination. While in the car, I always get to view more out my window as opposed to other forms of transportation. Being In the front seat, there Is so much more to look at, as the car goes through different streets and towns. If It Is cold out, the heat makes me feel very comfortable.

If the weather Is hot, the alarm controlling makes me feel good. A car ride Is the most relaxing form of transportation of the three that I use to get to school. There are many forms of transportation in today’s world. A lot that can all take convenient but can be boring as well, and car rides are very nice and peaceful, with good conversations and music throughout the ride. Everybody has a preference in what form of transportation is preferred, but all come with different experiences along the way.