“Talking Back” Growing up from a child to an adult took experiences, a lot of learning and help from the people who had authority over me, such as my teachers, older family members and my parents. During my toddler years, I was punished for the things I did wrong but as I grew up I often was yelled at for my wrong doing. Talking back to my parents was considered a very wrong thing to do, and my parents considered that “talking back” is a child being disobedient. Whatever my mother said to me I had to listen and do what I was told.

There was no debate, no opinions and everything was non- negotiable. I considered that my mother was unfair because she would never hear me out on what I wanted to say or even try to listen to my point of view. I wanted her to get a complete understanding of things my way but growing up; it was either her way or the high way. Talking back was the worst thing you can do living under my parents roof. They don’t understand why you should have something to say because they are considered to be the adult and you’re the child, so they tell you what to do and make decisions for you.

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If you feel you can’t abide by their rules then that will be a major problem. “Talking back” Is something that we young people do every day because we want our parents to listen, having a selfish behavior and mind to want everything to go our way. When I would talk to back to my parents I would either have an attitude or I would be just straight forward with what I was trying to say. When I would have an attitude, my gestures would be very disrespectful. I would roll my neck, roll my eyes and have a high pitch voice, my mother would look at me crazy ND asked questions like: “Who are you talking to”?

I would have to remind myself that I was talking to my mother, because I would get out of hand and say the wrong thing. When I have an attitude with my mother would yell at me and be very upset at the way I would talk to her. She feels that I shouldn’t talk to her any kind way because I am living under her roof and that I am child so I should stay in a child’s place. As I toddler I would get punished but I as I got older, my mother would expect me to know better so she would be very disappointed of my behavior.

There were times when my mother would make me so upset because there were things that I wanted to say and times when I wanted to explain things to her in certain situations. I always thought if I had a chance to get a word in our arguments that we would have, it would be the solution to our argument and maybe my mother would understand me. I always felt that parents should allow their children to have a voice because we should be allowed to express ourselves in the way to show our feelings.

Talking back is a way of immunization with our parents but it’s a certain way to be done, that way we don’t get out of line and disrespect our parents. You have to think before you speak, say what you mean, get your point across and adjust your tone of voice Just so your voice will be heard. I think that “talking back will be easier and our parents wouldn’t take this behavior In the wrong way. As I grow up, I learn that “talking back” Is not always the right thing to do but when I have children of my own I would see where my parents was coming from when I was punished for this behavior.