These are the words that mirror a flower that blooms in mud. In order for its petals to greet the warmth of the sun, a lotus flower must begin Its life buried beneath mud and filth. Fragile and little it uses its own strength to press on through the sludge so that it can live within the water. With time and patience, ITIL soon reach the surface feeling the sun shine on It. As Its buds begin to grow, the flower will then finally burst Into full bloom.

Same goes here. At this moment, Eve been living my life facing trials, hardships and frustrations, but not until he day I realized that someone up there Is pursuing me. Now I consider these obstacles as my source of wisdom that I can use to move forward and recover. I’m finally having hope that I can still grasp the light that shines brightly on top of me. And someday I can also rise above to show my worth, that I don’t deserve to be belittled and that there’s a Jewel Inside of me Just walling to sparkle.

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I’m a lotus that Is striving to grow through hard times, pursuing to rise above trials, determined to ascend out of the darkness and feel the sun, a lotus which petals are slowly in to blossom and waiting for the world to marvel at my untouched beauty. I know it’s not easy to grow and change, I have tried it a million times and I almost gave up but now I know that quitting wouldn’t help me build up my being again.

It may be a long and prudent process, but I will not waver and get tired for right now I yearn to be pulled out from mud and filth. I want to break away from this dark and cold abyss, flee, be healed, be marveled and have the sweetest escape of my life.