For as long as I can remember, I have had a fear of crashes at high speeds, but my best friend Shone was the complete opposite and never feared a thing. She would Jump off the Eiffel Tower If she had the chance. On the day that I would finally conquer my fear, I was In the back seat of Shania’s uncle’s Ford Explorer with the whole seat to myself. We were on our way to the lake near their cabin where our plan was to go tubing in the water.

The only way we would end our turn on the tube was by flipping over and crashing into the water. The road began to get rocky and the smell of wet wood was in the air. We finally reached the loading point for cars with boats. It was not until I was sitting in the boat with my life vest on, had I realized how scared I really was. The swaying of the boat & the smell of the fishy water made me want to run back to the car and sit this one out. I was shaking slightly, my palms were soaked with sweat and suddenly I felt as if maybe I was going to get sick.

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However It was too late, I was already in the boat awaiting the Journey ahead. I sat In the very back of the boat facing the front. When I saw Shania’s uncle put the key In he Ignition I almost Instinctively grabbed the closest thing to my hand. To my surprise I had grabbed Shania’s arm and I had a feeling that I had given away the fact that I was not confident on this event. Caught up in my embarrassment, the sudden acceleration surprised me so much I almost fell off right away. I tried to smile and act like I had done this before, but I had a feeling that they weren’t going to buy my story.

It took a few seconds, but I got use to the speed and even began to find a peace in the wind and the sound it made as it rushed by my ears. I sat in a very upright position with my hands folded and my back straight up. I looked over at Shone and saw her in a reclining position, one hand holding a soda, and the other hanging out of the side of the boat feeling the water that the boat pushed up In large cascades. I tried to relax as Shone did, but I felt as If all my muscles and Joints had made up their minds to stay put until It was my turn to test my courage.

Wealth a few minutes the engine was turned off and the boat came to a halt. My peace was lost. All my fear that was carried away with the wind had finally caught up with me as the boat had stopped. Shania’s uncle turned around in his rotating captain’s chair and seed us who would go first. My courage was at an all time low; I became lost in a daydream. I did not notice how distorted my outside appearance was, my mouth was hanging down and my jaw tilted to the left revealing my dimples and wrinkling my forehead.

When I realized a long pause had passed, I noticed Shone and her uncle were staring at me with disbelief. After another short pause, Shone finally stood triumphantly as if she just won a prize, and was ready for her victory lap. I figured she was going to volunteer to go first, until I heard the words “l vote Chelsea goes first,” said Shone. I was so stunned and I had no Idea what to say. When her words finally registered with my brain Showman’s uncle had already finished fixing up the rope that would pull me. All that was left was for me to climb on to the tube and hold on.

Before I stepped off the boat Shone gave me a pat on the back and whispered backbone. ” I would have liked to say that this was a Joke, but when I saw the camera in her hand I knew she was serious. I Jumped off the back of the boat and swam to the tube and pulled myself up. There’s no turning back now. Shania’s fateful thumb went into the air and I concentrated all my new found courage on gripping the endless and nearly squeezed it in half. I got such an adrenaline rush when I was flung forward for the first time, I could have lifted a truck above my head.

I zoomed at what felt like one hundred miles an hour down a long strip of water. The objects passing by reminded me of being on a magic carpet and buzzing through everything in sight. Suddenly I felt a peace of mind; this was not as bad as it had looked before. My grip on the handles loosened and suddenly the only thing between me and the water was air. I hit the water so quick I did not have time to be scared. As I floated in he water, I realized what I had accomplished and now what I could accomplish.

Shone has always been there for me when I needed support, and vice versa. This incident seems to stand out to me because it was something I never thought I would ever do, and it was difficult for me to bring myself to do it. After overcoming my fear I came to terms with the fact that it’s a good learning experience to do something you may be scared to do. If I could go back to that day and had the chance to sit out, I would still bring myself to try it. Maybe someday I will tell Shone how much she helped me through my experience.