Debut Albums and Woman BY Murders “Superwoman” Weak, dull, emotional, powerless-?these are the words associated with women back in the old days. A woman never had the mind or power to do things her own way. Her duty was Just to follow orders, have a family and be a good wife. In other words, do absolutely nothing for herself. Men have overlooked the fact that women can In fact do what men can do, too. As time went by, society has accepted this one true fact: the modern woman is strong, independent and smart, and one woman proves this to me very single day-?my mother.

Ever since I was a kid, my mother has always taught me to be strong and brave, no matter how hard a situation is. It doesn’t matter that I’m just a girl; she told me to never let others underestimate who I am. I’m always reminded of this especially since I was not born rich. I always see her working hard just to give our family a good life, alongside my father. She never complained, although I could sometimes feel the weight of her burden; she said that sacrificing for us will never let her down.

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She never let anyone tell her what to do, especially those who tell her she’s Just a woman who should stay with her children and do chores. She chose to work because we are her top priority. Despite all her endeavors, her great love for us was what drove her. And every single day I see her, I’m reminded of the great woman who surpasses even the greatest men. She may not be the richest woman in the world, but one thing is for sure: she’s the greatest and strongest woman in my world, and she’s the role model everyone should look up to. She is my superwoman.