When I was a little boy, I never found Interest In my toys, ‘Cuss there you were across the street, Looking so pretty and soundly’ so sweet, And I knew that all I wanted to do, Was to be a superhero just for you. I would come to the rescue, Save the day, I’d always be there to push you out harm’s way, And when I felt weak all you’d ever have to say, “Is I love you, my Superhero True. ” Oh, we stuck together through the years, I held your hand through the struggles and the fears,

But Inside I was feeling caged, Feeling stressed out, and feeling my age, It seemed like we always had a dollar too few, And your superhero blamed it on you. I regretted your rescue, Rued the day, Wished we had gone our separate ways, Feeling sorry for myself so I didn’t here you say, “l love you, my Superhero True. ” Oh, I started to drink, I started those fights, Kept the kids up all goddamned night, But I can’t believe. I went too bar and got kind’ drunk, Ended up sleeping with some tall blonde punk,

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And now I knew that I was screwed, Cuss’ your Superhero True had cheated on you. I failed at your rescue, Ruined your day, Went and I shoved you Into harm’s way, And it shattered my heart when I heard you say, So I went and I prayed to god above, I prayed for forgiveness, And I prayed for your love. ‘Cuss I felt like I would tear in two, If I didn’t find a way to make it back to you. I wanted to be rescued, Needed to be saved, Wished you would pull my out my ways, I knew I could live on, if you would Just say, l forgive you, you Superhero Fool. And I wish before I would have known, How terrible it feels to be alone, ‘Cuss know I’m an old man at the end of my life, Wishing I had you as my wife, But when I wake I don’t feel so blue, ‘Cuss, Oh my god, there yea are, I’m sleeping next to you! You came to my rescue, You saved my day, Came and you ripped my out my ways, And when you feel lonely, I’ll be here to say, “I’m your Superhero and I love you. I’m you’re Superhero, and I love you True. ”